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What had happened to Kristin Smart? Paul Flores sentenced by Californian state after 27 years.

What happened to Kristin Smart
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The murderer of Kristin Smart has been finally arrested and sentenced by the court. The brutality of the man has left the whole state in shock.

Who is Paul Flores Murderer of Kristin Smart?

Paul Flores is a citizen of Californian state in the United States of America. The man has spent a long life of 46 years in the state, respectfully and peacefully. However, the recent incidents have turned the tables for him. The man has been arrested on the charge of murdering Kristin Smart in 1996.

Paul and her classmate Kristin Smart were studying at the California Polytechnic State University. It was May 1996 when the girl was reported missing. However, she was legally declared dead after six years of her disappearance. Paul was questioned at that time about the disappearance of her friend. But the man got lucky.

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The police investigation and court judgments

After 25 years of the incident, in 2021, the name of Paul Flores finally came to the news when he was suspected of possessing a weapon. Later, the police investigated his father’s house with the help of the cadaver dogs.

The police finally found evidence related to Kristin’s murder and arrested the man after such a long time. Paul’s father, Ruben Flores, was also arrested for possessing such things. The man had turned 81. Paul and Ruben were taken to trial in connection with the murder.

The trials of both men began around October 2022. Salinas, California, was the location of the court hearing. Both men were also part of the trial held by the San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge. After a month of hearing the case, the judge even had a very strong suspicion about both men.

After some time, on October 18, Paul was found guilty of the charges against him. Ruben was made free of his charges. It was March 10, 2023, when Paul’s final judgment was made in the case of Kristin Smart. He has been sentenced to prison for 25 years. Lately, justice has been served.

Where is the body of Kristin Smart?

Paul brutally murdered Kristin Smart in May 1996. Her body was not found anywhere during that time. Many predictions have been made that Paul tried to rape her and then brutally killed her. The family Kristin has been very emotional currently.

The California authorities have well served the brutal murderer. Her family missed Kristin but had no confirmation of her death; now they know the whole incident. This tragic incident shocked the whole state.