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Elle Edwards A father of a shooting victim marches against violent crime

Elle Edwards A father of a shooting victim marches against violent crime
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Elle Edwards, who was shot outside a pub on Christmas Eve. A foundation has been founded by Tim Edwards, the father of a victim of gun and knife crime.

What happened to Elle Edwards?

Elle Edwards was a beautician who was the victim of a shooting outside a pub on midnight of Christmas eve. She was shot fatally in the head shortly before midnight last year while celebrating with her friends. She was at the Lighthouse Pub when this fatal incident happened. She died shortly after at the hospital. 

All four people who were directly and indirectly involved were arrested. 20-year-old Thomas Waring was arrested and charged with possessing a prohibited weapon and assisting an offender.

A 23-year-old man from Heswal and a woman from Tranmere were arrested on suspicion of taking part in the shootings but both were granted bail and released.

The individual who shot her, Connor Chapman, 22, has been charged with murder and is due to stand trial on June 7. 

It wasn’t believed that she was the target but just a bystander who got hurt in the process along with 4 other people.

All the family members and her friends paid tribute to their loved one, who they will always remember. They all described her as a beautiful woman who was gone too soon. 

Elle Edwards parents Tim Edwards

Elle Edwards father was Tim Edwards, and her mother’s name is Gaynor Edwards. She also has a sister named Lucy. Her father has set up an anti-gun foundation and has thus participated in the movement. He has also started a walking challenge to support a project called “weapons Down, Gloves up.” 

The challenge’s main reason is to protect the people against guns and to remove the use of guns in America because in the end, its only the victims and their family members who suffer in the process.

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Campaign against gun violence

Tim Edwards, Father of Elle Edwards, has been very vocal about his disagreement towards the gun issue and has stated that things have to change in order for people to be safe on the streets. 

Thus, to bring change, he has started the walking challenge to raise money for the campaign “Weapons Down, Gloves up.” Actor John May has also acknowledged this campaign and said there are many knife and gun crimes in Liverpool, and change needs to be brought up.