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Who is Dave Wills’ wife? Rays announcer Dave Wills passes away

Who is Dave Wills’ wife Rays announcer Dave Wills passes away
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The sports community is curious about the wife of Rays announcer Dave Wills, who died at the age of 58.

Who was Dave Will?

Dave Will was an American professional sports commentator. He was born on March 13, 1964, in Chicago. He was one of the biggest fans of the “Chicago White Sox,” which was one of the best teams in major league baseball. He was also great at baseball and basketball in his school days.

He completed his education at the Oak Lawn Community High School and later went to Elmhurst College to complete his graduation. Later in his career, the man did his work along with his partner Andy Freed. They both served as the radio voice of the Tampa Bay Rays since 2005. He worked for the radio station until his death.

The commentator has been having a tough time with his health since September 2022. Dave was facing issues with his heart, and it was reported that he was suffering from supraventricular tachycardia. He died on 5th march, 2023. The radio world and the sports community will miss his voice. The star never shared much about his family, and the world is now very keen to know about his wife and children.

Dave Wills’ wife

Liz Tedeski was the wife of Dave Wills. The sports commentator never really shared much about his family. There has been no confirmation of the date on which they married each other. After the death of Dave, the topic of his wife’s personal information has become quite controversial.

The fans of the commentator always used to admire the couple, but Dave did not shed any light on his personal life. Liz was a person of American nationality. The age of the woman is not verified, but it is rumoured that she is in her 50s. The woman also earlier worked at the Hillsborough County School. Any information on the woman has not yet been found.

Liz is mourning the death of her beloved husband. The couple lived very happily with their children in Lutz, Florida. The commentator had also not revealed any information about his children. Liz has a son named Alex and a daughter named Michelle. The whole family is saddened by the death of Dave. The whole sports community is praying for their family and wants to know more about them.

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