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Dorian Zev Kweller, son of Ben Kweller, died at 16.

Dorian Zev Kweller, son of Ben Kweller, died at 16.
Image Source - UPI

Pop culture star Ben Kweller informs the sad news of his son Dorian Zev Kweller death on 28 Feb through social media posts.

Who was Dorian Zev Kweller?

Dorian Zev Kweller was the son of the famous singer Ben Kweller and his wife, Liz Kweller. Like his father, Dorian looked forward to giving his voice a platform for which he used to write and record songs daily.

A few of his earlier works also got released on several platforms.

Due to his untimely death, dreams of Dorian took a pause; before his death, he would perform his first performance at the south by the southwest festival in Austin in the coming two weeks.

Who is Ben Kweller? What happened to his son Dorian Kweller?

Ben Kweller represents the pop culture industry with his talent for singing and songwriting. He was also one of the founding members of a famous band named Radish. Ben has also performed with ED Sheeran and Selena Gomez.

On 28 Feb, through a post on Instagram, Ben delivered the news of his son Dorian Zev Kweller’s death at 16.

The father of Dorian in the post shows his grief about his son’s unexpected death: Ben says, I can’t believe I am typing the death news of my baby boy Dorian; he died last night.

Being proud of his son, Ben wrote that Dorian was a true gem and would make a glorious career in the industry.

He was the most gentle and kind-hearted person and friend to all. He was so dedicated to his career-making that he wrote and recorded songs daily to achieve perfection.

The cause of Dorian Zev Kweller’s death

Dorian Zev Kweller’s death was a shock to his family, and currently, the reason for his death remains undisclosed by his family.

The grief of the Kweller family

The Kweller family is going through a hard time in their life now as the death of their young son at an early age came as a piece of unexpected news to them.

Fans of Ben Kweller continuously comment on the post about the grief they share with the Kweller family.

The news of his son’s death hit Ben hard as he was very proud of his son. The Kweller family reveals no further news of the funeral arrangements.

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