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Kevin Roby, Where is the killer Now?

Kevin Roby

Kevin Roby has been related to the entire story of the 36 years old famous Hollywood star Lloyd Avery. The who has been a life sentence for directly committing a double murder. He was directly killed in prison by Kevin in 2005 in September over some ritual and spiritual differences that were in prison. The crime was a very brutal incident, and the overall report of the police officers in the California police department happened as Kevin was directly arrested for his sexual crimes. In the situation when he killed his cellmate, he was not directly in his sense. the report in the police department continued, and it directly caused a lot of problems in prison.

Who is Kevin Roby


Who is Kevin Roby?

Kevin Roby was a person who the California police department arrested for rape charges. When he was arrested for leave charges in the situation when he was sentenced to life imprisonment, he was 23 years old, and no proper report was given against him. He was taken to the prison bay and was in 40% of the population serving a life sentence in that prison. He met Lloyd Avery in 2005 and was convicted together as they spent their sentence together due to spiritual and religious differences between them. Kevin decided to triangle him to death in prison due to the differences between them.

Where is Kevin Roby


Where is Kevin Roby?

Kevin Roby spent a lifetime of imprisonment in the prison bay, and in that situation, he murdered another man in the prison. As the death happened, the police officers directly investigated the case and what happened. The person who died from family members wanted a proper legal matter filed against him, but that was not done. Presently, it is known that he is serving his sentence in the California institution for men situated in California itself. He is 58 years old and continues serving his sentences in the California institution. The state attorney general has not taken any decisions of trial against him.

Kevin Roby details


Kevin Roby Details

Kevin Roby was a false man as in 1987, he was first taken into prison while he was very young, and that was when he gained life imprisonment for a double rape case that was given against him. Little while he was serving his imprisonment, he directly went on to argue with another person in prison and directly decided to kill that man in prison as the differences between them were not going well. As the death happened, it was directly a very shocking thing and very difficult for any people to accept what had happened between these men.

details that are essential


Other essential details

As the murder in prison happened, the police officers went on to have a proper report against the matter. Still, the state attorney General decided to move forward to have any legal authorities provided against Kevin as certain details favour him. He has been transferred to the local California jail and given a personal cell for him. He will continue his prison in this particular cell and be held there forever. No criminal details related to him have been available presently, and it is sad that it has occurred.

The family asked local authorities to charge Kevin, but the Del Notre County District Attorney refused. Because Kevin confessed to both crimes, he argued that he did not deserve the death penalty. Since he is already serving a life sentence, a new trial is unnecessary but costly for authorities. The attorney general also sided with the district attorney, so no trial was held against Kevin. The 58-year-old remains serving his sentence at the California Prison for Men in Chino, San Bernardino County, California.


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