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The Winners of The SAG Awards 2023

The Winners of The SAG Awards 2023
Image Source - Entertainment Weekly

The SAG Awards 2023 were given to the most deserving individuals on Friday night. Let’s see who these lucky people were.

What exactly are the SAG Awards 2023?

The actors put their hard work and efforts into making movies entertaining for the audience. The SAG has a full name for the “Star Actors Guild” Awards.

The movies are made with the joint efforts of the actors, directors, producers, and the whole crew. Each is presented an award in this ceremony for the best performance.

The award function mainly targets the Hollywood industry in America. 

This award show has been appreciating the work of brilliant stars since 1995. This has been one of the most anticipated award shows, apart from the Oscars and the Golden Globes.

There are nominations for the film industry and the television community. The award function has a selected number of members who vote for the people who deserve the award.

TNT and TBS have been airing this magnificent and massive event since 1998 and 2007, respectively.

Who won the SAG Awards in 2023?

The SAG Awards 2023 have been broadcast on the Netflix YouTube channel for the first time. The movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” was the showstopper at the event, winning most of the awards.

The actors who were part of this movie won about four awards. Huy Quan was the first Asian actor to be presented with the award for best-supporting actor.

However, the award for the best male actor in a leading role was taken by Brendan Fraser for his crucial role and his amazing acting in “The Whale.”

The best female actor in a leading role was bagged by Michelle Yeoh, who was part of the “EEAO” team. Jamie Lee Curtis won the award for best female supporting actor for her performance in “EEAO” yet again.

Now coming to the television industry, “The White Lotus” won the award for best drama series.

The award for the best comedy series was presented to “Abbott Elementary.” The best male and female actor awards were given to Sam Elliot for “1883” and Jessica Chastain for “George and Tammy.”

Jason Bateman took home the award for best male actor in a drama series for Ozark. The best female actor award in the drama field was bagged by the beautiful and talented actress of “The White Lotus,” Jennifer Coolidge.

When it comes to comedy series, no one can beat Jeremy Allen White. He took away the award for the best male actor in the drama series “The Bear.”

Jean Smart has presented the award for best actor in the comedy series “Hacks.”

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” in the movies section, and “The White Lotus” won the most awards.

The night was very charming, with the vibe of such great actors present there. The speech made by the award winners was something that one would remember.

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