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In Light of New Claims, Activists Initiated the ‘Drive Out Santos’ Caravan

george santos caravan

As a protest against Rep. George Santos, constituents from New York’s 3rd Congressional District will travel from Long Island to Queens. The “Drive Out Santos” caravan will leave Michael J. Tully Park in New Hyde Park at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, and stop at places representing Santos-related scandals.

Who Exactly is George Santos?

Mr Santos is a first-generation American born in the New York City borough of Queens, according to a biography provided online by his campaign and then changed. According to the website, his grandparents “escaped Jewish persecution in Ukraine, landed in Belgium, then fled persecution again during WWII” before arriving in Brazil. His Brazilian-born parents finally emigrated to the US “in quest of the American dream”.

Mr Santos also claimed to have attended Baruch College in New York City before working as a “seasoned Wall Street financier and investor” at famous businesses such as Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

Each Stop Represents a Santos-Related Controversy:

“We want to make it clear to him and everyone else that we will never accept this impostor as our Member of Congress,” said Jody Kass, founder of Concerned Citizens of NY-03, a group lobbying for Ssanto’s expulsion. “His constituents will never forgive him for his numerous deceptions. He continues to shame us with daily exposures of old schemes, new lies about his lying, contemporary scandals, and tone-deaf congressional acts.

The convoy began at 10 a.m. on Saturday. It will stop at Garden City Animal Hospital in New Hyde Park, where Santos is accused of mismanaging funds at the Republican nonprofit Friends of Pets United.

The second location will be the Lake Success Jewish Center, in response to the lawmaker’s fabrication of his Jewish ancestry and claim about his ancestors fleeing the Holocaust. The third visit will be at CitiBank, where Santos previously worked.

The fourth destination is II Bacco Italian Restaurant, where the Santos crew claims to have spent over $26,000 on food. The final visit will be at his Queens office.

George Santos has Admitted to Several Lies:

Rep. Santos acknowledged being a lousy liar in an exclusive interview with Fox 5. He professed ignorance when Jodi Goldberg queried Santos about a recent story indicating that more than $365,000 was missing from his campaign records. Numerous more claims have been levelled against the freshman congressman about his money and past. Democrats have proposed removing Santos from his position, which has Republican backing.

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