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Anthony Ciccone, Madonna’s elder brother, has died, Cause of Death

Anthony Ciccone, Madonna's elder brother, has died, Cause of Death
Image Source - Dekh News

Madonna, the American pop star, had an older brother who died on Friday.

Who was Anthony Ciccone?

Anthony Ciccone was Madonna’s elder brother. It was May 3, 1956, when Anthony entered this world in the Rochester, Michigan, region of the United States.

The man was an actor and was well known for acting in many movies of the 1990s.

Some of his performances that impressed the audience were in Nightwatch, Dangerous Games, and The Force.

Anthony was the eldest sibling in the whole family. However, he did not have any special relationship with his siblings.

This was because of his alcohol addiction. Even Madonna distanced herself from her elder brother.

In 2011, in an interview, Anthony even mentioned that his family doesn’t even care about him, and the news of his death won’t affect them a bit.

The actor got along well with his other sister Melanie Ciccone’s husband, Joe Henry.

They had known each other since childhood and had many fond memories of Michigan’s spring days.

Anthony Ciccone’s cause of death

On the past Friday, February 24, 2023, Anthony Ciccone passed away at 66. The death’s cause has not yet been confirmed.

However, the reports from different sources reveal that it could be because of alcohol.

Madonna’s sister’s husband, musician Joe Henry, disclosed the news. He shared the information on Instagram.

Madonna liked the post, but she did not comment. He mentioned in the caption that his brother-in-law Anthony left the earthly world that evening and even wrote that he had known Anthony since the age of 15 when Madonna’s family lived in Michigan.

Anthony Ciccone Obituary

Anthony was not liked by many. His alcoholism ruined his relationships with his siblings and other family members.

Musician Joe Henry was very close to him. Anthony lived a long life and is finally resting in peace.

He was never satisfied with his family, as he thought they didn’t care about him.

He always used to make critical comments in the media about his family. He spent more time drunkenly sleeping on the streets and under bridges.

But later, he went to rehab and became a good person. He even reunited with his family in Michigan.

Musician Joe Henry misses his dear friend and fellow family member a lot. 

In his post, he stated that Anthony was a complex character. But Joe always used to have a true brotherly bond with him.

He also stated that he believes Anthony will be reunited with their mother in heaven and does not want anyone to dissuade him from such a vision.

The whole family is mourning his death, and Anthony’s close friends are missing him and remembering him through the memories he has left them with. 

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