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Missing Washington boy Breadson John, 8, found in Missouri

Missing Washington boy Breadson John, 8, found in Missouri
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Breadson John was an 8-year-old boy from Hawaii who went missing on 17th June 2022. He used to live with his grandparents Machuno and Refalopei in Vancouver.

Who was Breadson John?

John Breadson was an 8-year-old boy from Hawaii. He has been missing for the past 8 months. Breadson also went by the name Monier Brxson and was fluent in English and Chuukese. There was a welfare check at the apartment in Vancouver, but the child was nowhere to be seen.

The child’s grandparents insisted that Breadson was not missing, and they did not help with the inquiry. In December, they also had to face custodial interference charges. Several posters were printed and circulated through states to find the missing boy.

Breadson John went missing

Breadson lived in Vancouver with his grandparents. A “community member” called the Washington Child Protective Service to check on the child, eventually leading to the welfare check on 17th June. After the welfare check, the child was not found in the house, and his family would not reveal where the child was. No new leads were found regarding the whereabouts of Breadson, so the investigation went cold.

The police attempted to track down Breadson’s parents, but they could not do so. The authorities guessed that his parents gave John’s custody to his grandparents and then left to Micronesia. Machuno and Refalopei did not assist the police in the investigation.

They later changed their apartment to a new home in Vancouver after the interrogation. FBI stated that he might have a connection and travel to Micronesia, Arizona, Hawaii or Washington.

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Breadson John found in Missouri after 8 Months

After 8 months since the child finally went missing, he was recovered from Jasper County, Missouri, on 17th February 2023. Breadson John was found safe by the Jasper County Sheriff Officers and turned over to the Missouri Department of Social Service.

The Washington Child, Protective Services staff were headed to Kansas City to bring Breadson back to Washington. Till now, the FBI doesn’t know what Breadson was doing in Missouri and how he ended up there.