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How Did Matthew Brown Die? Cause Of Death

How Did Matthew Brown Die Cause Of Death
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Matthew Brown was a 39 old man, a resident of Rockton, whose van was found crashed on North Rockton Avenue near Auburn Street. The incident took place on 21st February 2023 Tuesday morning. The emergency crew reported the accident, but before they reached the location, he had already passed away.

How Did Matthew Brown Die?

Matthew Brown was found dead in his van after it collided with a tree. The cause of the accident was unclear, but it was assumed that his van shifted toward the sidewalk and crashed into a tree while driving. It was a single-car crash, and no other vehicles were involved. The crash occurred in the 11300 block of North Rockton Avenue near Auburn Street at 5 in the morning. The accident is still under investigation.

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How did the accident took place?

At nearly 5 in the morning, Matthew’s van, a Pro Floor work van for some unknown reason, left the road and crashed into a tree. The accident was near Auburn Street in Rockford. The rescue team reached the site of the accident but were unable to save him because he was injured. Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the cause of the accident. A person passing by the area at the same time reported that a van had stuck a tree.

Since there were no further clues regarding the case, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s office decided to put up a reward of Dollar 1000/- for who is able to tip them a lead which assists them in an arrest or conviction.

Cause of Matthew Brown’s Death

An autopsy was performed and it came to light that Matthew died from blunt trauma to his head because of the crash. The police who reached the accident site found Matthew’s body inside the van, but no one else was in it.

It is important for us to take note from this incident that we should be careful at all times, and anything unexpected can happen at any time. This accident was also unfortunate and took a life of someone innocent. Our prayers are with his family and that they have the strength to endure this difficult time. Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is looking after the case and trying to find new clues about the accident.