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Oklahoma dumpster guns disposed by Raymond Anthony Mussatto

Oklahoma dumpster guns disposed by Raymond Anthony Mussatto
Image Source: Insider

Raymond Anthony Mussatto is under investigation by federal agents for improperly disposing of Oklahoma dumpster guns outside his business.

The discovery of the weapons has caused concern among employees of a nearby gym, and ATF agents are now investigating the incident.

What has happened at the International Firearms Corporation LLC?

The owner of International Firearm Corporation LLC in Midwest City, Raymond Anthony Mussatto, is under investigation by federal agents.

This has been done after the  dumpster filled with 236 rifles and other weapons was found on his business’s property. 

The business was allegedly disposing of the guns because they were damaged and didn’t work, but some were found functional when tested.

One employee is accused of giving some weapons to people working nearby, including one who failed a background check.

The investigation is being conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The agents told him to cut the guns in three places, but when they recovered the guns from the dumpster, they found that some of the weapons were still functional despite being partially cut.

The ATF agent believes that a search of Mussatto’s businesses and home will reveal evidence of the illegal disposal of firearms and the illegal transfer of firearms to prohibited persons.

Other relevant information related to the case- oklahoma dumpster guns:

A Midwest City gun shop owner, Raymond Anthony Mussatto, is being investigated by federal agents for allegedly improperly disposing of over 230 guns in a dumpster outside his business.

According to an affidavit, agents, and officers recovered the guns from the Oklahoma dumpster, and the total count was 236 rifles and weapons. 

On January 19, a sanitation worker noticed the guns and called the police. Some of the guns were found to be functional after being tested.

The worker told agencies that the weapons were damaged and didn’t work properly, but according to the affidavit, the Oklahoma dumpster guns were tested, and a few were discovered to be usable.

The gun shop owner is accused of violating the law by incorrectly disposing of the weapons.

Kosovo Force’s investigation related to oklahoma dumpster guns:

KFOR reached out to the business, but the woman who answered the phone told them that she worked for the business and needed information on Mussatto.

The employee also told KFOR that the phone number they called was her cell phone number and not the business number. 

The employees of a nearby Planet Fitness gym were surprised to hear about the discovery of over 200 guns in the Oklahoma dumpster near their place of work.

They felt a little unsettled but still had to go to work. They stated that crimes like this are not common in the area. 

According to KFOR, one gun shop employee was accused of giving some guns away to people working near the area, including one individual who did not undergo a background check.

ATF agents are conducting an investigation, according to Midwest City Police. Mussatto informed the ATF agents that Oklahoma dumpster guns were defective and asked them how to destroy people.

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