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Authorities report a man was killed after an officer shot him in Lynchburg

Ryheam Damon Brown
Source: Facebook

During the police chase, Lynchburg man named Ryheam Damon Brown used the gun and eventually died after the police officer shot him. This information is shared by the Lynchburg Police department; We’ll check out all the details about this incident in this article.

Lynchburg Thursday night incident:

One man is shoot dead after following an officer-involved shooting in Lynchburg Thursday night. Someone called the Lynchburg police on Thursday after firing many shots at the 700 block of Grady Street. Police officers immiditly reached the spot of shooting.

When A LPD officer tried to stop a car on 12th street that they believed to be involved in the incident. But the car owner tried to get away from the police. Then the suspect got out of the car and tried to ran into the Pierce and 14th Street.

Lynchburg police

Source: WSLS 10

Police chased the suspect, and the police officer shoot the suspect in an alleyway in the 1400 block of 17th street. According to the police the suspect pulled out his gun and all set to fire on the officer, in response the officer shoot him.

Police official statement on the incident:

On this incident Lynchburg police released a detailed statement on Facebook:

For immediate release: February 3, 2023

Officer-Involved Shooting on 17th Street

LYNCHBURG, Va. – An officer with the Lynchburg Police Department was involved in an officer-involved shooting following a vehicle pursuit last night.
On February 2, 2023, at 9:23 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Grady Street about multiple shots fired. An officer attempted to stop a vehicle that was believed to be involved with the disturbance in the area of 12th Street. The vehicle attempted to elude police and the male driver, and only the occupant fled on foot in the area of Pierce Street and 14th Street.

After a brief foot chase, the officer encountered the suspect in an alleyway in the 1400 block of 17th Street. The suspect produced a firearm, and the officer discharged a department-issued handgun, striking him.

Ryheam Damon Brown

Source: WSET

Officers performed life-saving measures on scene until the Lynchburg Fire Department transported him to Lynchburg General Hospital where he later died from his injuries.
The deceased has been identified as Ryheam Damon Brown, 25, of Lynchburg.

Chief Ryan Zuidema contacted the Virginia State Police to investigate the incident and the involved officer has been placed in a non-enforcement, limited-duty status until the investigation is complete.

Requests for any additional information should be directed to the Virginia State Police.

Public response on this incident:

Phil Drewry

Given the fact that I live on Grady st and I saw this man shooting right in front of my house threatening people on my street I’d say the officer was well within his rights to treat him as a threat.

Ellen Tomlin Edinger

So sorry to see that our Lynchburg community has the same divide as our country. Doesn’t matter what the truth is…black against white, society against police (except when we personally need them). Let the State Police do their job. I’m sure that even when the body cam is released, black will see one thing, white will see another. So sad for our society. God is the only way. We need to love one another regardless of color.

Deborah Hudson

Regardless of what you all think this guy RAN AND DROVE AND FLED AND PULLED A GUN ON A POLICE.OFFICER.!!! What was that guy thinking. 2 families torn apart over this guys actions. Please don’t say he was afraid of the.police. Sick of that lame excuse. Stop and listen to police directions. Go to jail or whatever and plead your case there. Senseless when people do these things. Just senseless.

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