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Alex Murdaugh, Involved in the murder of his son Paul

Alex Murdaugh

Alex Murdaugh is said to be involved in the murder of his wife and his kids as the story which he told to the local authorities and the police officer after the modern June 2021 was not the original side of the story as during the situation in which the death happened there was a certain video that did not go why recently there is an availability of a video that is related to his son. That video was taken and shot nearly a few minutes before his death, and a dog is seen in the video. Apart from that, there are three voices, one of his own, another of his very close friend, and the third of Alex reportedly said his wife and son 90 minutes before that death, but that story was not true.

Alex Murdaugh Murder


Alex Murdaugh Murder Details

Alex Murdaugh reportedly told the police officers in June 2021 that his wife and son were killed through suspicious activities. Through proper investigation done by the police officers, no information about the Murderer was received. The police officers went on to have a lot of Investigation across Alex. Through all the interviews that were taken, he directly stated that he met his wife and son 90 minutes before their death as he went outside of the house after that, and later on, when he returned home, he directly saw his wife and son killed by someone. Through the investigation and the child, it was revealed that this story was not exactly true, as he was seen in a video posted a few minutes before the death of Paul, his son.

Alex Murdaugh killing


Alex Murdaugh Killing Details

Through the later investigation done by the police officers and the trial taken, it has directly been revealed that it was Alex who planned a proper murder of his wife and his son. After two years of Investigation, it was revealed on the first of February, 2023. The police officers and the officials of the court have made a proper investigation of the overall scenario. They have directly stated that whatever has happened was honest and was related to the murder itself. The police officers have looked forward to also creating a proper impact through the overall case and providing important details about the case which might be related to the murder.

Alex Murdaugh investigation


Investigation Details of Alex Murdaugh

Alex directly reported the death of his wife and son to the police officers in June 2021, and the investigation related to that directly started in June 2021 itself. The police officers went on to gain proper knowledge and information about the murder. The police officers first believed the details Alex provided as they thought he was not present in the house from the 90 minutes before the murder. Still, later on, through proper investigation and the video being released, they came to know that the details provided by him or not true, and he was present in the house in the video that was shot a few minutes before the death of his wife and his son.



Other essential details

The case is finally said to be closed on the second of February 2023 as the court has given its proper judgement recently. It took a long while for the police officers to gain proper knowledge of the overall incident, and it is stated that it was Alex who took the police officer to the wrong side. There have been no details about the punishment given to him as he might appeal to the higher court to prove himself not guilty. Still, there are very few chances of him surviving the details which are given to him as whatever has happened this time, the police officers have walked very hard and provided official details that are true about him and might be the last time where Alex will not survive the Murder of his family members.

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