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How Peyton Tyler dies in Topeka? Fourth-Year Student Dies In A House Fire Accident

On Friday, two children and one adult were killed in a morning fire in central Topeka. Let’s go over how Peyton Tyler died, the Topeka house fire, and what happened in further detail.

How Peyton Tyler dies in Topeka?

Workers arrived at 916 SW Warren Ave. around 5 a.m., according to the Topeka Fire Department. The two-story house was completely enveloped in thick smoke and flames when they arrived. Unfortunately, the fire spread to a place south of where it originated. When the fire started, four people were living there. Rescuers began rescuing lives as soon as an adult and a child was rescued from the structure. The child was later confirmed deceased at the hospital after both were sent there. A second adult and child were found unresponsive inside the residence and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Topeka House Fire:

On Friday morning, a fire broke out at 916 SW Warren Avenue. The tragedy resulted in the deaths of three persons. Peyton Tyler, a fourth-grader at Lowman Hill Elementary, was identified as the child killed by Topeka Public Schools. The parents received a letter from TPS. “The family called the school this morning, and a mental health team was on hand today at Lowman Hill to ensure children received help and services before they began their weekend. 

Our mental health crisis team will remain at the school for the remainder of the week.” “When we obtain further information on memorial services, we will inform staff and families. Please keep the family in your prayers and thoughts.” Other details regarding the victims have yet to be published. Police are currently investigating the event.

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