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Chris Leitch, the social credit leader, dies at 70

Chris Leitch from Whangarei recently died on the 20th of January 2023 when he was 70 years old and had a very big battle with cancer for a very long time, and as the battle increased, he couldn’t survive, which caused him to die. He was living with his wife and stepdaughters for a long time before in a situation where he couldn’t survive. He received a lot of recognition and became very successful throughout his career. He eventually became a very successful individual but could not survive for very long due to the battle he had to make with neck cancer.

Chris Leitch Death

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Chris Leitch Cause of Death Details

Chris Leitch died on the 20th of January, 2023, while he was 70 years old. The reason for his death was neck cancer, as he had been battling the disease for a long time, which directly caused his death. The battle he had with the disease of Cancer became very long, and it created a very big impact to use overall career and also wanted him to become very successful and famous. The family members provided the details of the death and were the direct reason for the death. The family members have provided the details of the death and have also stated that he couldn’t survive mode due to the disease he had.

Chris Leitch Death cause


How did Chris Leitch Die?

Chris Leitch died on the 20th of January 2023 in the situation when he was 70 years old; as mentioned by the family members, the exact reason for which the death happened was cancer as he had had the disease cancer for a very long time, and that was the reason which caused his death. He had neck cancer, a very typical type of disease and something that was not very common in the disease of cancer. The battle with Cancer started in 2012 that caused him to die after a long battle of nearly 11 years. The family members were very sad to express the details of the death and provided the details in a normal way that was possible for them.

Chris Leitch career

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Career Details of Chris Leitch

Chris Leitch was a long-time social activist for social credit, and in the party, he also became involved in 1972 and received the lifetime membership award in 2012. In the social credit league of politics, he came into existence in 1953 and stood as a candidate in all the elections. He became successful in the parliament for a very long time, created a good career in politics, and became a famous personality. He has received a lot of recognition and has also become very successful and famous throughout his career. He has received a decent amount of recognition and has been very successful in whatever he has done.

Net Worth of death


Details of Net Worth during death

Chris Leitch has been a very famous and successful political personality and also has created a very good battle for his entire life and has also been very famous for his career and has also created a good worth for himself for through his entire career which has been a direct part of his entire life. In the situation when he died in 2023 January, he had an overall net worth of 6 million US dollars that was directly created from the hard work in the political industries sense of a very long time and also the dedication he created in the industry for a long time of his life. He has been a very famous and successful individual office career and created a good remark throughout his entire career for which he has become very famous and very successful in his entire career.

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