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Vivian Ramnarace: What Happened to Her? What Led to the Demise of John Ramnarace’s Wife? Stated

Vivian Ramnarace, the third victim of the New Year’s Belmopan shooting, passed away. Let’s look at the details of Vivian Ramnarace’s death and what happened to John Ramnarace’s wife.

How did Vivian Ramnarace Fare?

Vivian Ramnarace, John Ramnarace’s wife, died due to complications brought on by a blood clot.

After a bullet wound in the same shooting event that killed her husband, Vivian had life-saving surgery. Ramnarace reportedly felt sick and was being carried back to the hospital when she passed out in the parking lot. Sadly, just before 8:00 p.m., Vivian died away at Western Regional Hospital (WRH). Kaitlyn, her 5-year-old daughter, is left in her wake. Additionally, Corporal Elmer Nah, now being held at the Kolbe Foundation, might be charged with three murders in connection with the two killings that took place on December 31 on Belen Street in Maya Mopan.

The Belmopan Shooting of the New Year is Explained:

According to accounts, a gunman entered the yard and opened fire on David before turning around and opening fire on Jon and his wife, Vivian, inside the house.

David and Jon Ramnarace were the two victims that died. The third casualty was Vivian, the wife of Jon Ramnarace, who required life-saving surgery after suffering six bullet wounds. Authorities are reportedly holding a police officer in connection with the murder. The officer that was detained and interrogated is Corporal Elmer Nah, 39. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), where Jon worked as a technology expert, and his wife Vivian Belisle hosted a party on New Year’s Eve, where David and his common-law spouse, Yemi Alberto, also attended, according to the police. Jon is observed leaving the house and standing in the yard some distance from the others, who were gathered at the home’s entryway.

Several seconds before the shot, a little automobile with its trunk open slowly sped by the camera’s field of view. A short while afterwards, someone could be seen sprinting up the street and into the yard after first strolling. That individual started to fire, first at Jon and then at David. After that, he chased the two ladies, who had taken cover inside the house.

According to reports, Belisle was shot up to six times. Jon and Vivian’s 5-year-old daughter, whom Vivian attempted to protect, were inside the house at the time of the shooting but could escape safely via the back door.

The Reason for the Death of Vivian Ramnarace:

Vivian Ramnarace died dead. She was the late Jon Ramnarace’s wife and was killed on New Year’s Eve. She reportedly passed away due to heart issues, according to reports. Resuscitation measures failed to save her life after she had a heart attack that was considered to be brought on by a blood clot. Vivian was shot and injured on New Year’s Eve in Belmopan in the same incident that also claimed her brother’s and her husband’s lives. After the incident, she was initially hospitalised, but she was eventually discharged. Her death may have been related to the wounds, although that is yet uncertain. The shooting’s perpetrator is identified as police corporal Elmer Nah. There are continuing inquiries.

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