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Amber Sheehy Passed Away After Four Years Of Struggle With Medulloblastoma

Amber Sheehy died following a four-year battle with medulloblastoma. Let’s take a closer look at Amber Sheehy’s journey.

What Happened to Amber Sheehy?

Amber Sheehy died quietly at 11 p.m. on January 14, 2023. She didn’t want to celebrate her ninth birthday. Amber died peacefully while sleeping, with her parents by her side. She felt no pain or discomfort, which was everything we could have hoped for. Amber died honourably after fighting a losing struggle. Her father, Jon Sheehy, broke the heartbreaking news on Facebook. Horsford FC, an England football team, also posted about Amber’s death on Facebook.

What is Amber Sheehy’s Cause of Death?

We regret that we must notify you that Amber Sheehy has died. Amber, a Norwich City fan named the Canaries’ season-long fan in May, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma at age five after complaining of headaches and morning sickness. Following Amber’s diagnosis, the family spent the next two years at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, where Amber was hospitalised and had surgery to remove the tumour from her body entirely. However, the family was saddened to learn in April of this year that the illness had returned and was now incurable.
Amber had been fighting this sickness for three and a half years, smiling and laughing the entire time, despite her bald head and tubes pouring out of her body. This, however, has passed, and she is no longer able to fight.

Amber’s Army:

Amber’s Army, a charity organisation founded by the family, will continue to create memories for families of children with terminal illnesses. On the charity websites, people can make donations or buy and collect Amber’s Army pin badges. Kevin Foley, the owner of 10 McDonald’s stores in the area, assists the family in establishing the foundation. Amber and Mr Foley met last year when her Brownies group asked him to support a litter pick.

Tributes to Amber Sheehy:

Lucy remarked, “You truly are the most incredible, caring, and powerful family. Amber was a brave, powerful little girl. Rest in peace, sweet little girl. “I’m sending you all my love.” The person’s time on Earth has sadly ended now. We wish her eternal rest and pray to her family and friends. May she find peace. Please leave a tribute in the comment box below to honour Amber Sheehy’s death.

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