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Who Is LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend – Ana Montana?

Model and Instagram superstar Ana Montana is well-known. As of the time of this writing, the Instagram sensation has 2.6 million fans. Rapper T. I’s. Montana appeared in the “Dope” music video. Her legal name is Analicia Chaves, according to The Sun.

Although she was conceived in 1989, it is unclear what exact day she was born. According to sources, Montana just turned 33.

Ana Montana, who is still only 5 feet 7 inches tall, is rumored to have been dating LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets for a very long time at this point. However, some sources assert that they recently started dating and that their relationship is still young.

There are no pictures of them all together. On their individual virtual entertainment accounts, they occasionally posted about one another.

Who is Ana Montana?

LaMelo Ball, a star player for the Charlotte Hornets, gained attention off the court when he began dating Ana Montana, a well-known Instagram influencer and model. They have been dating for a while as there isn’t much evidence confirming the precise date that their relationship began. Although they haven’t publicly promoted their relationship, the media is keeping an eye on them and occasionally posts news about them.

LaMelo Ball's 32-Year-Old GF Ana Montana Wants People To Know She Isn't Using LaMelo For His Money - YouTube

Source: Youtube

Nearly 2 million people follow Ana on social media because of her fame. She started modeling many years ago, and since then, she has been featured in numerous magazines, including “Smooth” and “Vibe.”. She goes by the name Analicia Chaves. LaMelo, who turned 21 this year, and Ana Montana, who is 33, have an age difference of almost 12 years. The couple doesn’t post frequently about each other on Instagram, so there aren’t many pictures of them there. Before beginning a relationship with LaMelo Ball, Ana had a lengthy dating history.

Another injury has befallen LaMelo Ball

Recently returning to the Charlotte Hornets’ lineup LaMelo Ball was hurt yet again. He suffered an injury on November 17, far from where the Indiana Pacers had the worst of luck. Sadly, Ball accidentally stepped on a fan’s foot, hyperextending his lower leg.

Funny enough, the Hornets star recently healed a similar left lower leg injury.

It’s unclear when the Ball will return, according to Sports Represented. Ball missed the first 13 rounds of the game after initially hurting his left lower leg. On November 13 against the Miami Intensity, he made his official 2022–23 season debut.

Just three games have been available for Ball since his return. He currently averages 19 points on 3 targets, 7 assists, 3 points on 7rebounds, and 1 take per game.

It goes without saying that the Hornets will suffer if they lose their setup genius once more. They had a respectable 3-3 record through their first six games of the period before beginning an eight-game losing streak.

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