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Haydn Charbonneau: who was he? Highway 11/17 collision at Dorion kills 18-year-old man

Highway 11/17 Collision Victim Identified

On January 11, 2023, East of Thunder Bay, at Dorion, Highway 11/17, a two-vehicle collision took away the life of an 18-year-old boy. The victim was now identified as Haydn Charbonneau, a South Porcupine, Ontario, resident. Haydn died as a result of the collision involving two automobiles on Tuesday.

According to the statement by Pmha Hockey, it came to know that the victim was a hockey player and his team was devastated by his sudden demise at an early age.

who was hayden charbonneau?

Image Source: Facebook

The Statement reads: It is with heavy hearts that the PMHA FAMILY learns of the sudden passing of Haydn “Charby” Charbonneau. As the Charbonneau family, Paul, Jennifer, Ryker, friends, and teammates of Haydn navigate the hours and days to come, we wish to express our sincere sympathies and condolences. We are all heartbroken, and you remain in our thoughts. “We are only teammates for a short period, but we are family forever” GOD SPEED Haydn.

What was Hapenned in the 11/17 Collision?

who was hayden charbonneau?

Image Source: Lake Superior News

At around 5:0 clock near Dorian Loop Road, two pickup trucks collided. Haydn Charbonneau was driving one of the cars and was declared dead on the spot. The other two people were taken to the hospital immediately, and paramedics were provided. The two people sustained injuries that were not immediately clear. The other passengers had to be cut free from the cars.

The authorities then closed the highway for almost a day. The circumstances that led to the crash were investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

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