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Constance Marten, Mark Gordon, And Her Baby Go Missing: What Happened?

A lady who is missing her newborn baby after a car accident on the M61 is from an aristocratic family with connections to the Queen Mother. Constance Marten is a member of the Marten family, who used to possess the Crichel estate in Dorset and went missing on Thursday evening. Police believe she has significant financial resources to remain absent. The 35-year-old and her Mark Gordon vanished when their car broke down near junction four in Farnworth, and they fled on foot.

A Couple and Their Newborn Baby Have Gone Missing:

The couple and their newborn baby have gone missing. Police are searching for a couple with their newborn kid. Constance Marten safely departed their vehicle near M61 exit four. According to Greater Manchester Police, Constance Marten got out of their car near Bolton on Thursday night and began walking toward Anchor Lane bridge. Officers believe Ms Marten recently gave birth. They are looking for specifics.

What Happens to Constance Marten, Mark Gordon, and Their Child?

Constance Marten, a new mother, went missing along with her husband and child. Constance Marten is thought to have given birth “recently,”. It is believed that her child received medical attention. Constance Martin and the baby’s father, Mark Gordon, are missing. They were last seen yesterday around 6.30 p.m. on January 5. Mark and Constance were seen, which spans the M61 and connects the districts of Highfield and Little Hulton. Although their automobile had broken down, the family could exit the motorway safely. Anyone with information is asked to contact Greater Manchester Police at 999 and quote case number 2657 05/01/21.


According to police, the couple was on their way to the bridge. Ms Marten wore pale clothing, while Mr Gordon wore a dark dress. The newborn youngster was swaddled, according to police. “Constance, I realise this is a challenging moment for you, and you are probably feeling afraid,” she continued, “but I promise that our number one concern is the same as yours – to keep your lovely newborn safe.” “As you are aware, it is critical that both you and your baby, so please phone emergency services or go to your nearest hospital, wherever that may be.”

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