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COVID vaccine controversy Jessica Robb

On-the-ground journalists frequently run into obstacles when trying to do their regular work and report. One such time, a live broadcast of a Canadian reporter named Jessica Robb ended abruptly. The reporter’s medical issue was allegedly brought on by the COVID vaccinations she had received, according to a barrage of comments on social media that followed. Learn everything there is to know about the vaccination debate and what CTV has said since the story began to take an absurd turn with conspiracy theories.

Jessica Robb: What happened to her?

Suddenly beginning to slur and repeat words on the live show while speaking with anchor Nahreman Issa, Canadian reporter Jessica Robb abruptly stopped performing her routine reporting duties. Jessica Robb is seen struggling to speak and running out of words in the quickly popularized online video. She may also be seen at one point trembling and looking confused. The young reporter almost passed out as she became uncontrollable. Later, the cameraman changed the broadcast from Robb’s newsroom report to Issa’s. Jessica apologized to the news anchor Issa and explained that she wasn’t feeling well. I’m about to do just that. “She went on. They will check on her again to see how she is doing, Issa cut in, adding.

VIDEO: CTV reporter Jessica Robb almost collapsed on live TV

Source: Insider

Internet conspiracy theories.

Following this, a few Twitter users expressed concern over Jessica Robb’s health and linked it to her medical emergency related to vaccines. When Robb passed out during a live broadcast, her tweets were immediately censored, according to several online users. The young journalist recently tweeted that she had three doses of the Covid vaccine. On social media, some people accused the channel of trying to prevent the public from learning about her health.

Robb updates his social media accounts.

Robb updated her fans on social media about her health before her account was made private after she almost fainted while appearing live on television. She also expressed her gratitude to the people who assisted her during the medical emergency, including her cameraperson. She didn’t offer any further information about her health, though.

Jessica Robb, who is she?

Robb is an Edmonton resident who enjoys her profession and covers local news, according to her bio on CTV News. In June 2019, she received a journalism and communications degree from MacEwan University. The next summer, she started her career as a reporter. Along with working as a reporter, Jessica plays soccer, runs, and occasionally plays the guitar.

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