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Harry Dunn, Famous Capitol Police Officer, Reflects on two years of Insurrection

Harry Dunn is a former police officer related to the attack at the United States capitol on the 6th of January 2021. As the attack was marked to be the most brutal attack which can ever be testified the standing ground and the entire thing was very dangerous and brutal happened with the United States; after two years of the entire thing, all individuals who have ever testified during the attack are still devastated by whatever happened in that situation. Harry has been among the 12 people awarded the presidential citizens medal, and he also receives the congressional gold medal for being part of the entire thing. Still, on the 6th of January, he provided a statement that stunned everyone.

Who is Harry Dunn

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Who is Harry Dunn?

Harry Dunn is a very well-known and famous personality who is a very successful police officer related to the very big attack that happened at the capitol of the United States of America on the 6th of January 2021, as the entire attack is the most devastating standing ground attack. Whatever happened in January 2021 caused a lot of chaos in the entire United States. The president of that time was Donald Trump, who could not control anything and certainly caused the death of many individuals in the US army. Harry has been a very good individual and the most successful police officer for a very long time, for which he received many medals and promotions.

Harry Dunn Incident

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Harry Dunn Incident in the Capitol

Harry Dunn was one of the major parts of the incident which happened in the United States capitol in 2021 as he was one of the leading officers and the leading members of the entire US army and as he was part of the incident directly documented that the entire incident changes the lives of all the individuals who were part of the incident. He also directly mentioned that whatever happened on January 2021 was very brutal, and he will always pray to all gods in the world that something like that never really happens once more in the entire world as it caused a lot of problems in the United States and was also something very difficult for anyone to accept.

Harry Dunn Medals

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Harry Dunn Medals and Awards

Harry Dunn was a very successful police officer. As he was one of the leading parts of the police department on the 6th of January 2021 on the felicitation which happened in the United States on the 6th of January 2023, he certainly received the gold medal, which was congressional gold for the service he has provided. He will also be one of the leading parts of the 12 people who will be awarded the presidential citizen’s medal within the next week as these individuals have been one of the leading parts of the United States police department and have also been very successful in whatever they have done in their entire career for the police department.


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Other statements provided by him

Harry Dunn is a very good individual and is also a very successful police officer. After receiving all the medals, when he was directly invited to provide a statement, he directly stated that he was not interested in any of the medals or awards which is receiving and also stated that he would happily trade all of these medals and awards in return for something like this never happens again in the entire world and will also trade all the medals and awards to find the people who are responsible for the overall incident and stated that he would also make testimony to select the right investigation properly It’s directly got a wrapped up in the last month. The committee has always released the report. He has been a very good individual and one of the best police officers for whom the department is working very well.

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