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Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Murdered His Girlfriend: Is Phil Arrested?

Mexican tabloid, former UFC fighter Phil Baroni has been detained for allegedly murdering his fiancée in San Francisco, Mexico. According to reports, the veteran mixed martial artist acknowledged throwing the woman into the bathtub, where she hit her skull and died minutes later. Baroni claimed she confessed to cheating on him. According to reports, Baroni alerted authorities on his own, and they discovered the victim’s naked, lifeless body wrapped in a sheet, with bruises and beatings on her face. He was apparently under the effects of drink and drugs.

Phil Baroni’s Statement About the Incident:

According to Baroni, he helped his girlfriend into the bed after the incident, and she was alive. She did, however, request a cigarette and a beer. He went to collect them, and when he returned, she had no vitals. Baroni has been charged with first-degree murder. Baroni was a UFC veteran, making his professional debut at UFC 30 in February 2001. He fought ten times for the company during two stints, compiling a combined 3-7 record. Baroni’s professional mixed martial arts career ended in 2019, with a history of 16-19.

Is Phil Baroni Murdered His Girlfriend?

According to Tribuna De La Bahia, the two were bickering inside a hotel in San Pancho. The ex-MMA fighter admitted to throwing the victim into the shower, where she smacked her in the head and pushed her away. According to Baroni, she admitted to cheating on him. According to accounts, Baroni contacted authorities, who discovered the victim’s nakedness, bruises, and scars on her face. He was apparently under the influence of alcohol and narcotics at the time of the occurrence.

Investigation Process:

When officers arrived, they discovered the woman naked on a bed with a bed sheet. She had apparent traces of beatings and bruises on her face, yet doctors ruled her dead right away. According to Baroni, the two got into a fight after he allegedly told police that he began smoking marijuana and drinking beer in his room at 3 p.m. During the battle, Baroni’s fiancée reportedly admitted that she was having sex with another man.

After that, the ex-UFC fighter tossed his girlfriend into the shower, causing her to hit her head on the floor. ‘NYBA’ did help Phil Baroni’s girlfriend get up and then put her on the bed since she couldn’t stand. He then stripped off her clothes and covered her with a bed sheet.

According to the report, Baroni’s girlfriend requested a cigarette and a beer. He left the room to get them, and when he returned, she lacked all her vital signs. Baroni was seized on suspicion of murder, according to the story. A comprehensive investigation is underway to discover the exact cause of death.

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