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Stimulus Check 4 Expected Date Direct Deposit For Social Security Recipients. Find In Detail

Long-term Social Security recipients and those who get Social Security will receive their first check with the 2023 cost-of-living increase on Tuesday. If you’re wondering when your Social Security benefits will arrive each month, we’ve got you covered. The Social Security Administration uses the cost-of-living adjustment to guarantee that payouts stay up with inflation. The 8.7% gain this year is the largest in nearly 40 years. Do you want to know how much the COLA rise will affect your pay? You can access your benefits using your My Social Security account. You’ll receive your first boost in benefit amount in January. SSI recipients received their first COLA benefit boost on December 30.

How are the dates for Social Security payments determined?

The Social Security Administration makes payments on Wednesdays on the second, third, and fourth. Your birthday determines which Wednesday you receive your money. SSI payments are usually received on the first of each month.

What if I receive both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income?

The payment schedule is different if you earned Social Security payments before May 1997 or received both Social Security and SSI. Instead of receiving payments on Wednesdays, you will receive your payment on the third day and your SSI payment on the first day of the month. Those payment dates are changed if the first or third day is on a weekend or a holiday. Because January 1 occurs on a Sunday this year, SSI beneficiaries received their January benefits on Dec. 30 and Security payment on Jan. 3. Because of the calendar setup, SSI recipients will not get a check in January.

What if I still need to receive my cheque by the deadline?

Suppose your check comes on a different date than the date mentioned above due to your birth date or other circumstances. The Social Security Administration advises you to wait three more mailing days before contacting them. If you still need to get it, contact a representative at 800-772-1213. Spoke time with a representative is reduced Wednesday through Friday and later in the day, according to the SSA (between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. local time). While waiting, you can view your Social Security benefits online at

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