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Luxury diving trip accident: The near-death experience of a British yoga teacher

A British yoga instructor Amor Armitage was spending their vacation in Mexico brutally injured by a boat propeller but amazingly recovered. In this article, we will see all details about what happened to Amor Armitage.

What happened to Amor Armitage

Luxury diving trip accident

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37-year-old Amor Armitage and her husband Chase were on a diving expedition when they went through this tragedy, this accident leaving Amor fighting for her life. Doctors informed Amor that, surprisingly, two-inch blood clots in her artery had helped her from bleeding. Now the husband of Amor, Chase, is trying to find new ways to earn more than € 60,000 to pay for medical expenses and return to the UK. Amor Armitage is recovering in the hospital Caribbean island of Cozumel.

Amor planned to travel to Cozumel to meet up with her husband Chase, who had been away shooting on a movie set. She all planned two weeks earlier, and according to the plan, the pair was ready to travel for extra two weeks in Florida before returning to Basingstoke in the new year.

Diving trip accident

Amore wrote about the accident on her blog; she told all details about the incident and wrote fascinatingly. On December 17, she went for a dive and snorkel trip, where she got a new experience; she saw reef sharks, stingrays and a giant sea turtle. But later, the dive trip turned into a horror from a dream. She wrote on the blog, ” I was a bit cold and decided to head to the boat to warm up. I swam to the boat ladder, there was music on the ship, and the captain wasn’t looking my way.

When I hold on to the ladder, I pull out a fin; the captain doesn’t see me; I suddenly realize the boat has started to move, and I’m unable to say anything; words just aren’t coming out.

Luxury diving trip accident

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Everything seems to be slowing down as I feel the boat’s propeller hitting my abdomen, my genitals and my legs, my body is heavy, and I see the ship moving away from me.

From my gut comes a visceral scream, asking for help; the captain sees me, but I know I have to swim to the boat, so with cuts all over my body, I managed to swim again until the scale”.

Treatment update after an accident

After the accident, Amor was transported to the ICU at Cozumel International Hospital after being brought ashore by ambulance. After four-hour-long surgery Amor’s tendons and bones were rebuilt and attached. She had also gone through for her messed up inner thigh, but the good news is that the propeller had not passed from any organ; many were relieved.

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