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Prime Energy Drinks Aldi: Aldi Selling The Internet Viral Energy Drink

prime energy drinks aldi

At Indybest, we’re well-versed in Aldi Special Buys, from affordable air fryers and beauty dupes to Le Creuset lookalikes. While the strange and wonderful smorgasbord is updated weekly, one recent addition has heightened consumers’ interest.

Prime Energy Drinks Aldi Available At the Store:

Customers may now get a bottle of the trendy sports drink, Prime hydration at their local Aldi shop as of today (December 29). It’s being sold – for a short time only – as part of the supermarket’s Special Buys department, and it appears to be causing a frenzy among shoppers. Prime was first introduced for the uninformed in 2022 by hugely subscribed YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. Since then, the brand has gained 1.3 million Instagram followers, and the TikTok feed for #Primehydation has been viewed 421 million times.

People Battles to Buy Prime Energy Drinks Aldi:

Kristina Sheppard, 19, shot a brief video from her local supermarket in Sydenham, East London, as consumers fought for the limited edition drink. “I went there about 7.45 am and took the video at 8.04 am,” Kristina, a PE, and Sports Exercise Science student explained. It was simply chaotic. “I thought there was a restriction of one bottle per flavor, but I witnessed people obtaining cases of them,” I said, “but there was a lot of pushing.” Parents were pressuring their youngsters. Children aged 7 to 14 were being pushed out of the path. “One employee said, ‘parents, stop trying the kids’. It was total devastation.

Prime Energy Drinks Aldi Become Viral:

Prime Energy Drinks Aldi Become Viral


Fans clamored for the drink for weeks after it became a viral internet sensation. Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, and Ice Pop are the three flavours available. Some consumers in Yarm, North Yorkshire, waited in line for hours but did not get the drink. “Everyone was disappointed. They stayed in line for two hours this morning and couldn’t even get in, “One customer stated. Photographs also showed a crowded supermarket in Gravesend, Kent, where families were frantically looking for the beverage. Ellie-Louise Dadswell, 20, started queuing outside the store at 7.45 a.m., hoping to get a bottle of the drink for her 14-year-old brother.

The Prime hydration drinks, described by the sports drink pair as “the perfect boost for any endeavour” to help you “refresh, replenish, and refuel,” have no added sugar or caffeine and are now available for £1.99 in blue raspberry, lemon and lime, and ice pop flavours. We expect stocks to fly off due to their popularity (at the time of writing, the drink was entirely sold out on the brand’s US website). Continue reading if you want to learn more about the drink before having a sip.

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