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Dennis Eckersley Daughter Alexandra Eckersley Charged of Abandoned New Born Child in Woods

Alexandra Eckersley faced multiple charges
Image Source: Concord Monitor

Alexandra Eckersley, the adoptive daughter of MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley and Nancy, recently made headlines this week after facing multiple charges, including one count of felony reckless, second-degree assault with extreme indifference, endangering the welfare of a child and falsifying physical evidence.

The Manchester Police this week on Monday allegedly discovered her newborn baby with no clothes and freezing in 18-degree weather in a dark wooded area in New Hampshire. WCVB cited an affidavit which shows that Eckersley admitted to using cocaine and marijuana before her baby’s birth and also was unaware of her pregnancy.

Alexandra Eckersley multiple charges

Image Source: Patch

Prosecutors revealed that the baby was sent to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical centre in Hanover. Manchester Police on Monday said that the baby boy’s condition was improving. However, Judge Diane Nicolosi said that Alexandra could be released on $ 3000 cash bail with the condition that she has no contact with the child and that she must live sober facility residence approved by the state.

According to the statement of Alexandra’s mother, Nancy, prosecutors said that she and her ex-husband Dennis told their daughter to take drug treatment which she refused and chose to be homeless.

Attorney Carl Olson said: They had an open offer for her to come home on the condition that she go to treatment for drug use, and she obviously made the choice not to,”

Alexandra Eckersley faced multiple charges

Image Source: NBC Boston

Eckersley family, when interviewed about their daughter being homeless in Concord, said:

“At age two Allie was diagnosed with mental illness, which worsened considerably through the years, leading to multiple hospitalizations and eventually institutionalization,” adding on to say: “Our hearts are broken. Unfortunately, in her situation, the issue is less about homelessness and more about mental illness. We continue to hope Allie seeks the mental health treatment she desperately needs so she can get her life back on track.”

Eckersley’s family also added that Alexandra was sent to countless therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, neurologists and child health advocates. Alexandra, by the time, revealed that her biological father was controlling and mean to her mother; this is why Nancy and Dennis adopted her.

Alexandra also reveals that when she became homeless, she slept in a tent during her first winter with a heater and cots. During the interview, Alexandra blamed her family, saying: “He found a way to bring my homelessness in every conversation,” “What I’ve wanted my entire life is to be accepted by my own family. In my own home, I felt like an outsider, an outcast.”

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