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Daresbury house fire: What happened to Kieran Naylor and Rebecca Foster ?

Daresbury house fire
Image Source: BBC News

What happened to Kieran Naylor and Rebecca Foster?

A man perished as a result of a fire at his home, while his girlfriend was also seriously injured in this event and died the next day his death. Thirty-three years old Kieran Naylor passed away on December 26 after being seriously injured in the fire on Delph Lane in Daresbury, Cheshire, on December 12. The next day, his girlfriend, Rebecca Foster, 32, died due to severe wounds and injuries.

Daresbury house fire

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Kieran Naylor pays tributes to him and is remembered as “the best son, brother, and uncle that anyone could have dreamed for,” while they also pay tribute to his girlfriend. “Kieran and Rebecca are finally reunited forever, and they will always be in our hearts.” the reason behind the fire is still under investigation, but as told by the Cheshire Police that this case is not looking as suspicious from any angel.

People are giving their tribute to the couple

Daresbury house fire

Image Source: BBC

Manchester Evening News shared a post on their Facebook wall that gives tribute to Rebecca Foster; they wrote on the wall, “Tributes have been paid to a woman who tragically died in a house fire last week. Rebecca Foster, 32, passed away two days after the blaze at her home in Daresbury, near Warrington, in the early hours of December 12. Her fiance Kieran Naylor remains in critical condition in the hospital. Paying tribute, Rebecca’s family said: “Rebecca was a loving and caring daughter, and our lives have been torn apart by her death.”

Everyone who had known about Kieran remembered him as the best son, brother and very significant personality. All the family members and friends greatly missed him very badly. A family member pays tribute to the couple “Kieran and Rebecca are now eternally united, and they will always be in our hearts”.

Further, they expressed gratitude to everyone who helped the couple during the incident “everyone who sought to help Kieran and Rebecca following the fire”. They are the “perfect couple”, as told by the Foster family, and they intend to be together for the rest of their lives. They look perfect with each other.

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