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A woman who was run over by two Tube trains ‘could have died at least ten times’

sarah de lagarde train accident
Image Source: The Telegraph

Being run over by two Tube trains, a mother lost a leg and an arm after suddenly falling onto the train track. She explained the accident as she ‘could have died ten times’ on the night of the accident. On September 30, Sarah de Lagarde, from Camden, north London, was coming from the office to home; suddenly, she lost her footing and fell between the gap of the train and the platform.

44-year-old Sarah De Lagarde said that “the thought about family kept alive me for going’ while she lay on the tracks for 15 minutes, someone heard her voice for help. Ms de Lagarde talked to Good Moring Britain and revealed her experience about three months earlier, “this was the terrible thing that happened to me, but I felt so lucky and grateful that I am still alive”.

sarah de lagarde train accident

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She also talks about her health situation and tells Rob Rinder and Charlotte Hawkins, “Now i’m good . I’m also feeling fine, I know the tragic accident happended with me, but i’m thankful to god that i’m alive. as i earlier told that night, i could died at least ten time. It was a terrible accident, but once you servive that, you will so excited to be live a new life.”

She also shared her positivity through her strong lines “my family could have spent these Christmas holidays without me; it is not possible, so I am alive, and I’m here. This is the most incredible thing. According to her, “Everything has an extra sparkle to it”. On the day of the accident, she travelled home after finishing office work but fell on the track and missed her stop.

sarah de lagarde train accident

Image Source: YouTube

In a hurry, she got off at High Barnet station; she lost her footing and fell between the platform edge and the train. She further told about the accident “I was bloodied and mangled when the train hit me and left the station; after that, the train ran over many times. After the accident, it took around 15 minutes for somebody to hear my voice, and then they called emergency services; they took me by air ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.

Ms de Lagarde remembered that horrible accident and said, “I need to go home for my family, and this thought kept me going during the incident. In the hospital, they admitted me to the specialist unit where my arm and leg were cut off by surgical operation” she further explained ” my two children are my all strength and give me enough power to recover from all injuries and wounds.’

She further elaborates, “When my eight year old child crying on video call and urge me to come on the home at christmas time that, time i decided that i’ll surely returned to my home on this christmas”. Ms de Largade raised the € 278,000 for an advanced prosthetic arm working on brain signals.

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