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Why did Daesung & Taeyang end contracts with YG Entertainment? Revealed, Find Out More

Why did Daesung & Taeyang end contracts with YG Entertainment Revealed

BIGBANG’s Daesung and Taeyang depart, but YGE and G-Dragon are still in talks. Learn more about why Daesung and Taeyang terminated their contracts with YG Entertainment.

Daesung & Taeyang end contracts with YG:

Daesung of BIGBANG is leaving YG Entertainment after 16 years. On December 26, they were still talking to Taeyang’s bandmates G-Dragon and Daesung about the contract that Taeyang had signed with THEBLACKLABEL after his contract with YG Entertainment expired. Daesung has opted to terminate his agreement with us, YG Entertainment announced later that day. He’s looking for a new beginning, they added. As they did with Taeyang, YG Entertainment made it clear that even though Daesung was leaving.

Why did both end contracts with YG Entertainment?

Taeyang has agreed not to extend his contract with YGE, according to early rumours on December 26. The idol is now represented by Teddy Park and Kush’s subsidiary company, THE BLACK LABEL, which is linked with YGE. Stories about the location of the other two members, Daesung and G-Dragon, soon began to spread. Then YGE stated that they were discussing the contracts with the duo. Daesung exited from the agency a few hours later. Everyone is surprised by the dismissal because all three members had been with YG Entertainment for over 16 years. BIGBANG debuted in 2006 and quickly climbed to prominence, becoming a pivotal figure in K-pop history. Despite being with many agencies.

What does the Agency Say?

Veteran K-pop fans were shocked to learn that Taeyang, Daesung, and G-contracts Dragon’s were on December 26, 2022, sending them into a frenzy. T.O.P. resigned from the company in February of this year, citing a desire to broaden his horizons. According to SPOTV, who broke the story, Taeyang had left YG Entertainment for THE BLACK LABEL. Taeyang will remain a member, according to YGE, which stated that they were “very thrilled” to share the news. THE BLACK LABEL, a subsidiary of YGE, now represents JEON SOMI, ZION.T, and Vince.

Fans Reaction:

Before K-pop became popular in the international music arena, BIGBANG was in the South Korean music industry. BIGBANG had five members before Seungri left the group and the entertainment industry in 2019 due to his involvement in the infamous Burning Sun scandal. Three of the group’s four remaining members leaving YG Entertainment, the group’s admirers, are understandably experiencing emotions. Someone tweeted that it would be a considerable setback for YG, but it is time to cease relying on BIGBANG. I wish all members of BIGBANG the best of luck. We can’t wait to hear their new music next year!

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