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Who Is Liz Gallardo Spouse Enrique Alguibay?

Who Is Liz Gallardo Spouse Enrique Alguibay
Source: Genius Celebs

Mexican television actress Liz Gallardo has been cast in Bunker, the upcoming series. Liz played the character of Maya until episode 8.

According to IMDb, the production team of Bunker will premiere on January 27, 2022. Bunker is a series related to Vladimiro, who has gone away from his family to find peace.

The person has lost the respect of his wife and children. He finds rest in an old bunker in the basement of a house.

Gallardo is ready to amaze the audience with her acting skills. She received a lot of positive feedback.

Who is Liz Gallardo Esposo Enrique Alguibay? Are they still together?

Enrique Alguibay and Liz Gallardo have been wed for a while. They have not yet been paired up.

IMDb reports that the couple’s divorce took place in 2019. Their son Thiago Alguibay Gallardo was their joint child. They had a boy on July 8, 2013. Comparable well-known performers don’t compare to Enrique as an actor. His roles in the films Bajar es lo peor (2002), and Las Aparicio and El Otro Diego (2007), are well-known (2015).

The reason for their divorce is still under the table. The couple probably had some misunderstandings. The actress is engaged to her new boyfriend. 

Liz Gallardo Age – How old is she?

Liz Gallardo is currently 42 years old. She was born in a Mexican household

Born on November 28, 1979, the actress. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, is where she was raised. Since 2001, he has started performing as an actor regularly.

Nearly 20 years of the Mexican actress’s life have been devoted to performing. In Como en el cine, she made her television debut as Rocil.

Early in her 20s, the actress started working in the movie business. She has never underrated her acting abilities despite her youth. The actress’s portrayal of Tania in the movie El buffalo de la Noche was a worldwide sensation.

Liz Gallardo Net Worth and Her Acting Career

According to information on the Net Worth Post, Liz Gallardo’s estimated net worth is $6 million.

She is one of the popular actresses working in Mexican cinema nowadays. Mara Sols Martnez in Bajo el mismo cielo and Citlali in Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla are two of her best-known pieces.

Similarly, she played Tania in The Night Buffalo and Montserrat in Las Amazonas. She played Elizabeth in the short film titled El Parto in 2010.

Additionally, Gallardo looked like Jenny in the suave 2007 TV movie Tomalp. She has also been in 11 movies and 22 TV series.

Liz Gallardo Kids & Family on Instagram

Liz Gallardo revealed her children and her family on Instagram.

The actress uses her IG account @elgallogallardo, a verified account. However, it is available on a Twitter account under the username @LIZGALLARDOof, a verified account.

The actress likes to spend time with her children: a son and a daughter. She usually shares photos with her family (her children) and explores the world with them.

She wants them to know and respect their culture, traditions and places.

Who Is Enrique Alguibay Children?

Thiago is the name of Enrique Alguibay’s son. He was born on July 8, 2013, and is eight years old.

Alguibay has kept his son’s identity hidden save for his name.

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