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Who is Françoise Bourdin’s Husband? The Novelist Cause of Death Explained

Who is Françoise Bourdin hhusband?
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Françoise Bourdin, the best-selling French novelist passed away on December 26, 2022. She was one of the most popular writers in France with more than 15 million volumes of published fifty novels. The general manager of the Editis group, Michele Benbunan confirmed her death news and expressed his condolence:

“I extend my most sincere condolences to the family of Françoise Bourdin, to her two daughters, Fabienne and Frédérique, to her grandchildren, I am thinking of all the teams, from Belfond, from Plon and from Pocket, who have worked with her for so many years, as well as to her millions of loyal readers.”

Who is Françoise Bourdin hhusband?

Image Source: Times News

Françoise Bourdin Cause of Death

There is no precise information available for the reason for her demise. Nobody from her family or relatives has made any statement about the cause of her death. Media personalities attempt to get in touch with her family to unveil any information about her sudden demise. We will update you soon as we get sufficient details about it.

Who was Françoise Bourdin? Know more About her Family, Husband, and Children

Who is Françoise Bourdin hhusband?

Image Source: News in France

Françoise Bourdin was a French novelist born in Paris. The exact date of birth of the novelist is not known, despite knowing that she was born in 1952, which means she was 70 at the time of her death. Francoise was born to parents Geori Boue and Roger Bourdin, who were both opera singers in the business. Her parents in a childhood lived in a mansion in Neuilly-sur-Seine but when she was 8 years old her mother dumps everything and move to a Parisian apartment.

Françoise at a young age had a passion for writing. At 19 she published her first novel, Wet Suns in 1972 and after one year wrote her second novel Waves of yellow grass which was adapted for television by Josee Dayan. Her career was at its peak but eventually, the novelist get married and decided to take care of her family and thus takes a long break of nearly 20 years from writing.

Bourdin at the age of 40 after having divorced again started writing with Les Sirènes de Saint-Malo. She ranked 11th on the French bestseller list in 2011 with eight million copies published of 40 novels in the past 25 years.

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