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Legendary Game Programmer Archer McLean died at 60: Reason For His Demise Revealed

archer mclean dies at 60
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Archer McLean, the famous British Game Developer had a sudden demise on Christmas Eve. On Saturday, December 24, 2022, Archer had its last breath leaving his family members grieving. His death was confirmed by gaming news publisher ” The Code Show” on Twitter which reads:

“Sad news to hear this am with the passing of Archer Mclean.My thoughts with family and friends.”

The arrangements for his funeral have not been made yet. Our deepest condolences are to his family, friends and relatives. May the departed soul rest in peace.

archer mclean dies at 60

Image Source: QM Games

Death Reason Explained

Archer at 60 had a sudden demise which shocked everyone. His family is mourning the loss of their beloved member. Since the news of his demise came out publically people in large numbers on social media is searching for his cause of death. Netizens believed that his death was due to a heart attack. While some believe that he died of natural causes. Although the reason for his demise has not yet been made public. Thus at this time, nothing can be said accurately. Media personalities are trying to get in touch with his family members to unveil the cause of his death. We thus give you all the details whenever available.

Tributes Surfaced Online

Following his demise tributes have been flooded on social media for the veteran programmer who gave us several famous games.

Andrew Braybrook on Twitter wrote:

“Today’s construction, which I shall have to dedicate to Archer “me-ole-mate” Mclean, who passed away yesterday. R.I.P. Thoroughly nice chap, with his freshly printed 9-pound note in his wallet.”

Will Overton Penned:

“RIP Archer McLean. What awful news to wake up to on Christmas Day. Some Dropzone later, methinks.”

LDX#40 wrote:

Sorry to hear that Archer McLean has passed away  Thank you for all the games.

archer mclean dies at 60

Image Source: You Tube

Who was Archer McLean? Details About the Legendary Programmer

Archer McLean was a pioneer of the budding gaming industry who started learning dismantling electronics devices at an early age. McLean, the British video game programmer was Born on January 28, 1962, and at the tender age of 10 dismantled a television by himself.

McLean started his career working part-time at a television repair shop in Brentwood, Essex. The electronics company Ambit International was impressed by his skill and gave him a chance to work for him. He then first created Dropzone for the Atari 8-bit family and then continued to work on various projects such as Archer McLean’s Pool, Super Dropzone: Intergalactic Rescue Mission, World Karate Championship and many others. In 1977 he also founded Awesome Developments Ltd.

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