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Emma Lovell Murder Suspect Arrested: Two Teenagers Charged With Murder

emma lovell murder suspect arrested
Image Source: Herald Sun

Emma Lovell was brutally stabbed and killed by two teenage boys in an alleged home invasion on Boxing day. Superintendent John Hallam on Tuesday confirmed that four teens were arrested for the alleged home invasion and all of them had prior contact with police.

He said: “Through some very good investigation skills demonstrated by the detectives, they managed to locate four persons who were taken into custody,” told reporters.

“I can say at this point in time, two of those people, a 17-year-old boy from Zillmere, and a 17-year-old boy from Holland Park will be charged later today with murder, attempted murder, and breaking and entering.”

However, no connection has been found between the intruders and the victims.

emma lovell murder suspect arrested

Image Source: Medico Topics

What Happened at North Lake Home Invasion?

On Monday just after 11:30 pm Emma Lovell, 41 and her husband Mr Lovell were woken up by the dogs barking at two alleged intruders. They then fought with the boys breaking out in the front yard during which Emma Lovell was allegedly stabbed in the chest and her husband in the back. According to the neighbour Jay Balhatchet their daughter then screamed during the fight “someone helps my mum. Help my mum”.

The intruders were initially run away from the scene but were found by the police dog squad in a nearby place. Later paramedics were available to the couple but unfortunately, Emma Lovell after struggling for 15 to 20 minutes died at the hospital. While her husband struggles with life-threatening injuries.

emma lovell murder suspect arrested

Image Source: Sky News Australia

The police officer Supt Hallam said: “As you would expect they are absolutely traumatised and shattered, “We will continue to offer them support moving forward, not only they are shattered they have lost their mother and their wife, the whole community is shattered as well.”

“This is a terribly sad day that someone’s life has been taken in this way. I still struggle to understand why these types of violent crimes occur and it’s occurred again.

“We need to work together as a community to say no to this type of violence and support each other when this type of crime occurs.”

The couple, a day before the tragic incident enjoyed their Christmas outing on the beach. Mr Lovell in a Facebook post wrote: “So for the 1st time in 11 years we spent Christmas day on the beach, even managed to cook up some bacon and eggs! Hope everyone has a great Christmas day spent with loved ones and friends,”

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