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A missing Texas A&M student has been found dead in Austin

Tanner Hoang Death
Image Source: New York Post

On Christmas Eve, a Texas university student was found dead after an eight-day search. Twenty-two years old Tanner Hoang, a mechanical engineering student of A&M University, was found in Austin near his vehicle was discovered abandoned last Thursday.

His family members reported his missing information on 16 December after they got no response, and his phone was shutting down around 8 AM. While the relatives found no nasty thing in his death. After this incident, Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley alerted all university students after 18 December.

Tanner Hoang Death

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He was last seen in the 900 block of Colgate drive in the college station at 11 am and then seen at noon in Caldwell. His family members were on their way to his son’s graduation completion ceremony on the weekend he went missing. They are excited to meet him for lunch.

Uncle of Hoang’s paid tribute to his loving nephew; he said, “Tanner, we will always miss and love you, my nephew and brother in Christ. ‘Thank you for so many wonderful and joyful memories you gave us. Our hearts are broken, yet we have the surest hope in Christ that you are in His loving arms, completely healed and restored. ‘We love you so much and look forward to reuniting with you again in His presence.’

Tanner Hoang Death

Image Source: The US Sun

Police shared the images of Hoang and the pics of a silver Lexus, which he was last seen driving and discovered near the vehicle. The student’s body was found at Pennybacker Bridge on Saturday afternoon, and the police stopped the search on Christmas evening. A housemate of Hoang said, ” A person who seems very happy on the outside is still dealing with so many issues that now else knows about. This is the unfortunate reality of our society.

He added, “We had no idea what he was going through and no reason to think anything was up. There is always help around you, and the hardest part is asking for it. I would give anything to have the chance to sit down with Tanner and find a way to help him through whatever is going on, no matter what it is”.

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