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As Kelsey Parker wraps presents for kids without her husband Tom, she is ‘dreading’ Christmas

Kelsey Parker
Image Source: Digital Spy

In a new Instagram post, Kelsey Parker tells about his upcoming “dreading” Christmas because it is the first holiday without her husband, Tom. At 33, The Wanted singer died in march this year after fighting stage four of glioblastoma brain cancer. The mother of two child Kelsey Parker shared his thoughts on Instagram last evening and said this year made me grieve, and things are difficult for me along with kids, 3 years old Aurelia and 2 Years old Bodhi.

Kelsey Parker

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Things have worsened because she is attending her grandfather’s funeral today, as told by 32 years, Kelsy. “Hey everyone, I know a lot of you have been checking in with me today, and I really appreciate it; thank you so much. Today’s been a real struggle. It’s my grandad’s funeral tomorrow, so I think that’s like bringing, like surfacing a lot of grief and trauma and probably a bit of post-traumatic stress. It’s just been so tough.” as she told on through her latest Instagram story. Currently, I’m feeling “caught off guard” due to all these events. I felt awful when I finished wrapping the gifts for my kids and realised that we were alone in this upcoming Holiday season.

Kelsey added, ” do you know how i spent my eveings ? just Wrapping the gifts.” she also remembered old stories with Tom, “And not that Tom would have ever helped me wrap a present. I don’t think for the whole 13 years I was with him, he actually did not ever wrapped a present, except for mine, and I blatantly know he got someone else to wrap them,”

Kelsey Parker

Image Source: Irish Mirror

“I did all the thing with tom, Like writing tags on the gift ‘To Ray, to Bo, Merry Christmas, Lots of love from mumma’s side’, these all tiny work recalled about Tom. All these things caught me by surprise , when i sat there and I was writing on the gifts , it was look like all those gifts were just for me. I don’t know what happend to me now, but all these things with grief, literally makes me off guard.” Kelsey Parker.

She added in his post, ” I know very well that I’m thinking deep down, so I have just been putting off this Christmas. I feel dread, again and again, this Christmas. Kelsey concludes his post with these words “But I’ve got to make the best of what I’ve got. I’ve also gotta do it for the kids. I’ve gotta make sure that this is an amazing Christmas for them.“I’m just going to be so heartbroken. Nothing like a funeral a few days before Christmas. I’ve got a poem that I’m reading for the funeral. And I’ve been going through that this morning. That just absolutely tore me apart.”

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