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The ashes of a Canadian soldier who died during the Ukrainian conflict have been returned home

Canadian soldier
Image Source: CBC

Joseph Hildebrand, a 33-year-old from the Canadian Armed Forces shifted his home to Saskatchewan to join Ukraine’s war against Russia. He completed his graduation from high school in Canada then he Joined Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in the Armed Forces. he gave his services to the Forces from 2009 to 2010. After leaving the army he tried to join as a volunteer soldier in the Syrian war but due to border restrictions, he could not join at that time.

After that, he returns back to his home in Saskatchewan to work on the farms and fields of his neighbours and known persons. Hildebrand firmly gave the responses to the question of why he wants to join the fight against Russia, he said: ” this is the we need to stand up against the unnecessry aggresion of Russia and putin, and join the Ukraine aramy is the best way to support and uphold my beliefs”. Hildebrand applied to join the Ukraine army although he had experience in warfare and he also wrote in his application as “a high pain tolerance with a calm demeanour”.

Canadian soldier

Image Source: CBC

After a few weeks after his death, his family start a campaign in November to have his remains taken to a home in a dignified way. To bring Joseph Hildebrand’s remains home in a respected manner his family started talking with Ukrainian and Canadian officials for many weeks. The couple Carissa and Joseph Hildebrand shifted to Ukraine, but her daughter Jovi, who is around 14, has almost changed.

Hildebrand spent around 7 years with his daughter. He adopted his wife Cariss’s daughter, He called his daughter “Jovi Bear” to show his love towards him. we are living a very happy time together, then Russia attacked Ukraine. He felt very bad when found out that we are not sending Canadian soldiers to help but I always supported his decision to go as told by his wife Carissa.

Joseph Hildebrand owns two personalities, he always wanted to farm life and family life on another side he also wants to help his brotherhood there are two different worlds in Joseph Hildebrand. During the war, 33 years of veteran Joseph was killed at the front-line city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. According to reports his unit of foreign fighters had carried out a successful mission while some soldiers suffered minor wounds.

While the soldiers were going through the medical facility, the whole battalion was caught under the Russian artillery bombardment. All the members of the foreign combatant with Mr Hildebrand were killed in this attack. On 7 November early morning Joseph’s wife Carissa received a phone call and got informed about Joseph Hildebrand by some unknown Ukrainian soldier.

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