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Willie J Campbell, Bandmate of the Mannish Boys Passes Away : Death Reason Revealed

Willie J Campbell die
Image Source: Alamy

On December 18, 2022, Willie J Campbell, a long-time bass player with the James Harman Band and the fabulous thunderbirds died. The music industry is mourning the loss of a brilliant person. His death shocked many of his fans who did not aware of the physical condition Willie is facing for the past two years. At the time of his death, Willie was surrounded by his brother Scott Campbell, his wife, children and countless friends. Campbell as a person will surely be missed and is remembered by every one of us for his contribution to the music industry. Our condolences and support to his family and friends. May god give strength and support to his family to overcome their sorrows.

Willie J Campbell die

Image Source: The Proven Ones

What Happened to Willie J Campbell? Death Reason Revealed

Campbell however in August made aware to his fans and loved ones of his sickness. Campbell told that he has been diagnosed with ALS. Campbell thus revealed his physical condition to the fans with a statement wrote-

“I do not have cancer. There have been a few rumours about that. 2016, I began to have some twitching in my hands. That went away after a while. 2018, I began to have what are called fasciculations in my legs. They were happening 24/7. With that came severe cramping. 2019, went to one of the top neuromuscular specialists in the country. I was diagnosed with Cramping-Fasciculation Syndrome.”

“In 2021, I began to experience changes in my breathing, walking, and speech. On March 15, 2022, I received the official diagnosis of ALS. Lou Gehrigs Disease.”

Campbell revealed that the disease is not only affecting his body but his mind as well. He is suffering from depression as a result of the consequences of the disease. But he is not going to lose hope as he was getting all kinds of support from his wife Lisa and his two daughters through his tough time. The musician said he won’t give up easily and fights up to his last breath.

At last in the statement, Willie shares a heartfelt message to his fans saying- 

“What I’m really wanting to share here is: Please live fully in the moment. Enjoy everyone and everything that you can, while you can. There are no guarantees. I do want to tell you the fight is not over. We will keep on keepin’ on fighting this. We have not lost hope.”

Tributes Paid to Willie J Campbell

Willie J Campbell die

Image Source: Blues Music Magazine

Emy Bruzoo expresses his heartfelt condolence

“My heart goes out to his family and friends, and although it’s been 40 years since we’ve hung out, I will never forget the memories and music we shared with the Red Devils and the James Harman Band. RIP to Willie J. Campbell one incredible bassist and a great guy. I’ve played several gigs recently with Kid Ramos so the musical connection continued…. Here’s a clip from a track I sang background vocals on called “A Little Mixed Up” Cheers to you Willie J in rock n roll heaven”

Todd Sharpville said- 

“My beautiful friend Willie J. Campbell has left us?! It wasn’t long ago when he first discovered he had ALS. I’m appalled it’s taken him so quickly. A deep musician and a deep human. I can’t quite believe he’s gone. Such a tragedy. RIP bro #fuckALS #amyotrophiclateralsclerosis #williejcampbell”

David Ramos on social media posted

Today my heart is heavy from the loss of my brother Willie J. Campbell, I thank God for the friendship we had for over 40 years and the many miles we travelled across the world and the music we made together, and the memories we shared. A friend like Willie comes along once in your life if you’re lucky. I can say we left nothing unsaid in these last days of his too-short life, I loved him and he loved me. We had stories too many to tell with James Harman and then The Thunderbirds, The Mannish Boys, and other configurations throughout the years. I know I will see him again when we walk the streets of gold. God’s speed my brother, your little brother Kid.

Who is Willie J Campbell? A More About Him

Willie J Campbell performed, composed, and record music for the last five decades. Willie’s passion for music has reached its height after relocating to Southern California. Willie had an amazing career with both of his bands The Mannish Boys and his new band The Proven ones also including a wide range of other Blues musicians. Willie’s The Blues Foundation has nominated him for various accolades including Instrumentalist, Band, Album, and Record of the Year Blues Music Awards.

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