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Who was Selena Quintanilla’s Husband? How old was Selena when she got married?

Selena Quintanilla
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Selena Quintanilla’s full name was Selena Quintanilla Pérez. She was also known as mononymously as Selena. She was a popular Singer. She was known as the “Queen of Tejano Music”. Her melodious voice and fashion made him popular in the 20th century. In 2020, Selena was named one of the “Greatest Latino Artists of All Time” by Billboard magazine based on Latin albums and Latin songs.

He began his career at a young age as a member of the band Selena y Los Dinos. She rose to fame in 1987 after Selena won the “Female Vocalist of the Year” Music Awards. This award, he won regularly 9 times. In 1989, she joined EMI Latin. In the same year (1989), she released her debut album and her brother became the producer and songwriter. She also acted in some films and television like Don Juan DeMarco, Sábado gigante, and Dos mujeres, un camino.

What was the cause of the death of Selena Quintanilla?

Selena Quintanilla died on March 31, 1995, at the age of 23. The cause of her death was murder. Selena was shot dead by her business partner and friend Saldivar. Selena accused Saldivar of cheating and embezzlement in business, for which a meeting and conversation took place between the two. During this, Saldivar aimed his gun at Selena.

As Selena tried to escape, Saldívar shot Selena under her right shoulder, causing profuse bleeding and loss of blood to Selena. After which he died even after being treated. Before dying, Selena named her assailant Saldivar. Saldivar was arrested by the police there, at that time Selena’s fans gathered in large numbers and started crying over Selena’s death.

How long did Selena live before she died?

Selena Quintanilla was born to her parents Abraham Quintanilla and Marcella Ofelia Quintanilla on April 16, 1971. Her birthplace was Lake Jackson, Texas, United States. When she died, she was 23 years old. Her death date was 31 March 1995 and her death place was Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S. Her Siblings’ name was A.B. Quintanilla and Suzette Quintanilla.

Selena Quintanilla's Age

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Who was Selena Quintanilla’s Husband?

Selena Quintanilla married Chris Pérez in 1992 at the age of 20. The full name of Chris Perez is Christopher Gilbert Perez. He is a popular guitarist. He is a member of the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. Chris Perez was with Selena until her death. Selena died in 1995. After Selena’s death, Chris married Vanessa Villanueva in 2001 and divorced in 2008.

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