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R’Kayla Briggs 11- Year- Old Georgia Girl Found after Mysterious Disappearance

Kayla Briggs fond after disappearance
Image Source: Yahoo News

R’ Kayla Briggs an 11-year-old Georgia girl who mysteriously disappeared on December 13, 2022, was found alive on Friday by the Police department. According to the authorities, the girl was at big risk of People Trafficking. No further details about the investigation have been provided by the officials as according to them it would hinder further investigation.

Prior to finding the location of the girl authorities believe that Briggs’s life was in danger and there was a possibility of human trafficking but since she recovered safely police, however, are not sure whether the missing is for human trafficking or not.

Kayla Briggs fond after disappearance

Image Source: You Tube

According to the information available from law enforcement officials R’ Kayla Briggs was planning to leave her home with a suspicious guy whom she met online on social media platforms. Kayla reportedly was missing from her Jonesboro home at about 3:39 pm. She was wearing a grey tank top, a hoodie, and blue jeans along with black tights underneath. She without taking permission or any knowledge of the family left the backdoor of her house with a backpack.

Kayla from then was not answering her phone as well as deleted all her social media accounts. Her family told the officials that she was planning to leave the house with a 22-year-old guy from texas whom she met a couple of days ago on social media. However, the identity of the person was not explored.

Julia Isaac, a spokesperson for Clayton County Police revealed that they did not have details about the person who was possible with her. For now, the male was a prime suspect in the investigation.

Kayla Briggs fond after disappearance

Image Source: You Tube

As per Fox News Digital, Julia Isaac said: “We don’t know what is going on, we don’t know what this person is doing to her. Therefore, we believe she’s in danger.

”We don’t know the gender; we don’t know the age. We do not know what this person looks like. We have investigated all of the leads that the family has given us and it has not panned out.”

Law enforcement officers including their spokesperson Julia Isaac warn parents to be careful about their children’s activity on various social media platforms. Julia Isaac said-

“Technology is ever-advancing, ever-developing new programs, new apps. So, one of the things to be aware of is what your child is doing on the phone, and what apps they’re involved in or playing. Some of these games do have chats. Just be careful.”

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