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Missing college student Kenny DeLand Jr. is safe in Spain, his family says

Kenny DeLand Jr

An American student who went missing in France more than two weeks ago has reportedly informed his family that he is safe in Spain. This appears to have at least partially resolved the riddle that has caused a global controversy. In a statement posted online, the family stated that Kenny DeLand Jr., 21, had phoned them early on Friday after “seeing himself on the news.”

“We are so happy to report that Kenny is safe,” the statement read. “Kenny is in Spain and Carol (his her mother) is in France, she’s getting ready to see Kenny and hopefully bring him home for Christmas.”

The family didn’t say exactly what DeLand Jr. said or explain to them where he’s been for the past two weeks.

On Friday, his father, Ken DeLand Sr., was on a call with CNN when he suddenly hung up and later texted CNN to say that he had just spoken to his son. French prosecutor Eric Vaillant also told CNN that DeLand Jr. spoke to his family from Spain on Friday. “I couldn’t believe my eyes that he actually called,” Ken DeLand Sr. told me on Friday night to CNN’s Pamela Brown. “It was quite emotional.”

“It feels unreal, the whole situation,” the father added. “And now it’s finally, the last chapter.”

DeLand Sr. claimed that while his son hasn’t provided many specifics about his activities in recent weeks, he has stated that he is now in Spain and has urged his father to cease contacting news organisations. “But Ken, this is what parents do, I responded. Please know that DeLand Sr. said, “We are worried about you. In November, his parents last heard from him.

As a senior at St. John Fisher University in Rochester, New York, DeLand allegedly attended the University of Grenoble Alpes. His parents just reported that he hadn’t spoken to them since November 27.

Missing New York college student Kenny DeLand Jr. located in Spain

Source: Yahoo Sports

On November 29, his classmates reported him missing, prompting Vaillant to launch an inquiry, according to Grenoble prosecutors.

Before he was found, the woman who had hosted DeLand in France told CNN that he may have left voluntarily, echoing a theory advanced by Vaillant this week.

However, the young man’s parents could not accept it, and it wasn’t until Wednesday that his father voiced his disapproval of what he saw as a lacklustre response from the police. DeLand was given a yellow notice by Interpol on Thursday, who stated that he vanished on November 27. According to Interpol, these alerts are sent out to help find the missing, who are frequently children, or to assist in the identification of those who are unable to do so.

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