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Dino Danellie Died in what Manner? The Cause of Death of the Rascals Drummer was Explained

Dino Danellie die

Dino Danelli, the drummer for the Rascals, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Jersey band, died on Thursday, 15 December. Let us learn more about him and his crew in the following paragraphs.

Dino Danelli, who was He?

Dino Danelli was born on 23 July 1944. He was a drummer from the United States. Danelli is best known as the drummer and co-founder of the rock band The Young Rascals. “One of the finest underrated rock drummers in history,” he has been called. In 1997, he and the (Young) Rascals were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Danelli was a jazz drummer born into an Italian American household in Jersey City, New Jersey. By 1961, he had worked with Lionel Hampton and performed R&B in New Orleans. He returned to New York in 1962 with the band Ronnie Speaks & the Elrods.

He occasionally worked with legendary musicians such as Little Willie John. Danelli met Felix Cavaliere, a classically trained pianist, and Eddie Brigati, a pickup vocalist on the local R&B scene, in 1963. Later that year, Danelli and Cavaliere travelled to Las Vegas to try their luck with a casino’s house band. They lived there until early 1964 when they returned to New York City.

Rascals and Young Rascals:

Danelli formed the Young Rascals in late 1964 alongside Cavaliere, Brigati, and a Canadian guitarist called Gene Cornish. Cavaliere and Danelli travelled to Las Vegas in January 1963-1964 to assist artist Sandu Scott and her Scottys, but they eventually returned to New York City. That month, they made their stage debut alongside the Young Rascals at Garfield, New Jersey’s Choo Choo Club. Danelli and Cavaliere were always looking for new material for the three to perform in addition to playing the drums (before Cavaliere and Brigati started writing original music). In an interview from 1988, he described their travels to record stores, naming songs like “Mustang Sally” and “Good Lovin'” as a result. He was a member of the Rascals for seven years (1965–72).

Rascals Band Featured in Modern Drummer Magazine:

A few outstanding drummers from the time generated what is now known as “Classic Rock.” Ringo, of course, as well as Charlie Watts of the Stones, Keith Moon of the Who, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Dino. “When the Young Rascals came out, all the Beatles recordings went gone,” stated Liberty DeVitto, Billy Joel’s famed drummer, in a Modern Drummer magazine interview with Dino.

Danelli’s Death Causes:

Danelli died at the age of 78, according to bandmate Gene Cornish, on 15 December 2022. Dino Danelli is the drummer who added jazz brilliance to the Rascals’ rock ‘n’ roll sound. According to his Facebook profile and verified by his bandmates, he died in New York City on Thursday, 15 December.

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