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New CCTV and huge search under way in Aviemore as locals come together to look for missing man

New CCTV and huge search under way in Aviemore as locals come together to look for missing man

On one of the coldest days of the year, a popular man from Aviemore went missing after a night out. Since then, almost 100 individuals have joined the hunt for him. The police received reports of more sightings. Indian eatery Tamanna published CCTV footage of Mr. Falcon strolling down Grampian Road in the early morning hours.

Concern for his well-being grows. A yellow severe weather warning was in effect the morning of her disappearance.

Friends coordinating the search said a driver from Gritter saw him around 5.30am at the A9 Lynwilg junction. Mr. Falcon is Argentinian and has lived in Aviemore for over eight years.

He works as a bartender at Pine Marten in Glenmore and lives on Callart Road in Aviemore.

Dashcam Footage Request

Police are asking anyone who saw anything or has dash cam footage from the A9 in the early hours of Sunday morning to come forward.

The search continues, involving police, helicopters, mountain rescue teams, dogs and dozens of local residents.

Owner of the Pine Marten where Mr. Falcon works is 31-year-old Scott Fleming. He is her roommate and pal.

On Saturday night, when they were out, Mr. Fleming informed them that Mr. Falcon had forgotten his jacket at The Vault nightclub.

Rodrigo Falcon missing after last seen near Aviemore nightclub

Source: Press and Journal

Rodrigo Falcon was out with friends including Scott Fleming.

Later CCTV footage shows Mr Falcon walking up Grampian Road in a red jumper and baggy jeans. He walks in the opposite direction from his house. Mr Fleming said: “We were told he was spotted by a sand driver on the A9.

“It’s the most confusing thing, we live at the other end of Aviemore. There’s nothing there. Kincraig and Kingussie are far away. Kincraig (closest) is about six miles away. “I was in the trunk with him. He always likes to go to parties, so at the end of the night, I didn’t think about it. I thought he went somewhere or went home.

“It wasn’t until the next day, when he didn’t show up for work, that we found out he was missing.”

“Completely atypical”

Mr. Falcon was supposed to start work at 2 p.m. It was described as “completely irrelevant” for him not to show up. Pine Marten owner Mr Fleming said: “He had been drinking but wasn’t too drunk. He was fine, he was happy. We had a good time. It was a normal evening, everything was normal .

“On the CCTV, he was walking down the street. The reason is that the road was paved. He didn’t trip. The sidewalks were slippery. But it didn’t fall.

“And he doesn’t have a medical history of depression or anything like that.”

Mr. Falcon is described as having a “cheery and cheerful disposition”.

Mr Fleming added: ‘I would say there are at least 100 people looking for him today. He is thus known as a sweet and sincere person.

“He knows his way around, he knows Aviemore very well.

“Having just spent a month in Argentina seeing family for the first time since lockdown, he was so happy to be back. With the snow coming, he couldn’t wait to ski.

‘He has lived in Aviemore for a long time and has been in several houses. So he sure knows his way around. She is totally out of character. He always shows up for work, it doesn’t matter if he’s been up most of the night. “We’ve looked at everyone we can think of who might visit.”

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