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Mel Dzelde, a beloved Australian radio personality, died at age 52 after a protracted health struggle

Mel Dzelde

A couple that includes a US Senator and former presidential candidate and an actress who is also an activist need to be able to keep two regular schedules and times apart, which they say they have resolved with weekly meetings, FaceTime calls, and gestures romantic like Booker’s habit of reading them on the phone and sending music to Dawson. The pair made a significant step forward when Dawson moved in with Booker and established herself in Newark, New Jersey, in May 2020, during the height of Booker’s bid to become the Democratic presidential nominee.

Chris Dzelde, the radio personality’s husband, revealed her passing in a post on Thursday night, writing, “The world got a bit black at 9.30am this morning when my beautiful wife Mel Dee Dzelde passed away quietly in his sleep.“However, her joy and incredibly kind spirit will live on in everyone who her uniquely powerful and wondrous magic has touched,” he said. “Thank you, my dear wife, for almost ten years of marital happiness! (We still called each other newlyweds!) and I am still in awe of the joy you have radiated to EVERYONE! “And we’ll keep the beams running!” (maybe they’re even more powerful now!).” The Hospice Mary Potter personnel cared for the radio producer, and Dzelde thanked everyone who sent prayers and well wishes.

Although they both worked in radio at the time they initially met, the pair didn’t begin dating for several years. Prior to her death, Dzelde was battling stage IV colon cancer – the fourth cancer diagnosis she had received. Having first met Oprah Winfrey during a global women’s summit in Detroit, the Australian diva has always been a fan.

Chris & Mel Dzelde farewell 5MU and Power FM

Source: Radio today

Later, when Winfrey visited Australia in 2010, she bonded with the American media figure. Winfrey contributed $15,000 to Chris Dzelde’s GoFundMe campaign to “bring his wife an early Christmas” after he launched it months earlier. “Mel you are what Maya Angelou was talking about when she penned the poem, Phenomenal Woman,” the talk show host also left Dzelde a note.

“Your life and the light you bring has inspired everyone you know. What a blessing you are. “I hope this deluge of friends and people you barely know will bless you in every way possible.” Dzelde spoke to SA Life about her relationship with Oprah in 2020, discussing how Oprah stayed in touch with her and how she was “still so impressed with how much she cares for me.”

“She really loves people and most of the time we were talking about my dreams and hopes when we were talking. She is always very positive and encouraging. The South Australian native also said Winfrey sent her a bouquet of flowers after she was diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer.

How cancer affected her at the time, Dzelde described her as “reduced to my soul”. “I’ve had so many surgeries and treatments. Some of them have terrible side effects. I’ve lost my physical strength; my body isn’t the same anymore,” she said.

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