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Who is Noemi Zamacona? All about Van Jones’ friend

Who is Noemi Zamacona_ All about Van Jones' friend

Author of three New York Times best-selling books, including “The Green Collar Economy” (2008), “Rebuild the Dream” (2012), and “Beyond the Messy Truth: How We Came Apart, How We Come Together,” Van Jones is a CNN anchor, political commentator, Emmy Award-winning producer, and political analyst (2017). The REFORM Alliance, Color of Change, and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights which works to lock prison doors and open doors of opportunity in the green and digital industries, are just a few of the many businesses that Van started and oversaw to success. As the Obama White House’s Green Jobs Advisor in 2009, Jones managed an $80 billion investment in jobs related to renewable energy. Jones is a Yale-educated lawyer who has received several awards.

Van jones Early Life

On September 20, 1968 in Jackson, Tennessee, Anthony Kapel Jones and his twin sister Angela were born. Their parents were middle school administrator Willie Anthony Jones and high school teacher Loretta Jean (née Kirkendoll). According to his sister, he was “the prototypical nerd” growing up since he “just kind of lived up in his mind a lot.” Jones has described himself as “bookish and odd” as a youngster. Jones occasionally accompanied his grandpa, a prominent Christian Methodist Episcopal Church member, to religious gatherings.

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Source: CNN

He would spend the entire day in “these hot, humid black churches” listening to the grownups. Because Jones was born after the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, , Robert F, Martin Luther King Jr.. Kennedy, he was dedicated to the men as heroic figures. He decorated his room in the specifically designated “Kennedy Section” with a bulletin board covered in pictures of the Kennedy brothers.

Who is van jones girlfriend?

The daughter of CNN presenter Van Jones and his friend Noemi Zamacona was just born. The political analyst said that the couple “joined forces” to have a kid and made the decision to become “conscious co-parents.” In an interview with TMZ, Jones disclosed his unusual family plans and expressed his hope that more people would follow suit in the future: In her role as a Monitor, Noemi Zamacona works for the Los Angeles County Office of Inspector General. She oversees the detention conditions at one of the biggest American prison systems as part of her duties. Zamacona has spent the last 12 years assisting those “affected by the flawed judicial system,” according to her LinkedIn page. According to reports, she was reared in the Californian community of La Puente after being born in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Zamacona studied psychology at the University of California and received a Bachelor of Arts in that subject. After serving as a Group Supervisor for the Santa Cruz County Probation Department in a juvenile detention centre, she gained expertise providing custodial care while in college.

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