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La Luz Del Mundo Survivor, Sochil Martin, Where is she now?

La Luz Del Mundo Survivor

La Luz Del Mundo Survivor Sochil Martin has provided many important ldetails about her abuse to HBO Max as they have started to record a lot of details about the entire incident that happened to her, directly being covered by the television industry in the recent time. She directly states through the television show that during their early life, when she was nine years ag, she was directly transferred to a royal family in terms of a $exual servant. After she was transferred into that family, she was forced into labour and traffic across entire California and Mexico and was violently raped throughout her entire life. The life of the girl has been very painful and difficult, and the story has always had a very bad impact on her life.

La Luz Del Mundo Survivor Where is she now?

La Luz Del Mundo Survivor Sochil Martin got out of the entire life she was having on October 2016 as it became very late for her entire life to get changed. Later, she got out of the industry after meeting her husband and the love of her life. She is presently 36 years old and is living in California. It is also not reported that she has directly asked for any claim as she does not want any big conflict to happen in the latter part of her life. As she was exploited, she wants the news to be directly viral to various media as that will help her against recognition which she directly once in her life. As whatever happened to her, she did not want anything of that sort to happen to any other individual on the entire planet, so she took the best way of media to get the news viral.

La Luz Del Mundo Survivor Who is she

Who exactly is La Luz Del Mundo Survivor?

Sochi Khatin is the La Luz Del Mundo Survivor. When she was just nine years age, she was directly sold off to a certain part of California to work as a servant in the royal family and also exploited $exually. During her entire early life, she had no particular freedom to gain as her life was not very successful. As she had a very difficult life, she did not receive whatever she was supposed to receive during her early days, no education and nothing and the only thing she received was $exual assault and life threats. It was very difficult for her to handle, and the story has created a lot of shivering nature in the present generation.

La Luz Del Mundo

Details of the La Luz Del Mundo

La Luz Del Mundo is a normal place which is situated in California. As this particular place is not known to be very urban for a very long time as during the birth of Martin in 1986, the place was not that developed, so during the earlier part of her life, she had to face such difficulties in her life as she couldn’t survive whatever happened through the early days of her life. It was also impossible for her to get a custom with whatever was happening. She also mentioned in the interview that during the time she was facing these problems in that particular area, other young girls in the area were still exploited in the same way and, and there was no possibility of these girls surviving in a certain manner.
Sochin Martin

Details related to Sochil Martin

Sochil Martin has tried to forget her entire childhood as she does not want to keep anything back in her head as she has been a very successful individual in the present situation. As A 36-year-old woman meets her husband, her life is directly changed as she is presently a woman who is working for a lot of detail in her life and during her entire lifetime. She has created a direct impact in the present situation as she has always mentioned that it is very important to not look forward to creating a bad thing and rather reduce whatever is happening, so she is one of the most survivors of a very deadly act and has a survive the act and is looking forward to protecting other girls from it is well.

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