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Who is Derek Gotchie? Lovable Father Saved Four Children From Carjacking

Who is Derek Gotchie

On Wednesday night, a father utilised the suspect’s vehicle to follow a stolen car with his children inside, according to the Minneapolis Police Department. Let’s take a closer look at Derek Gotchie and how a Minnesota father saved four children kidnapped during a carjacking.

Who is Derek Gotchie?

Derek Gotchie, a neighbouring father of children, rushed into the suspect’s stolen car and chased it until, according to the Minneapolis Police Department, he rear-ended it near Plymouth Avenue North and Penn Avenue North. Deanah Gotchie of Burnsville reported dropping off some goods at a friend’s house in the 800 block of Russell Avenue North. Yesterday. Derek got out of the car for a split second to close the back door. A suspect immediately snatched the family’s automobile and fled while the four young children were still inside.

What Happens At the Incident?

According to reports, the suspect in the case drove a stolen car to the 800 block of Russell Avenue North in Minneapolis. The suspect then stole another vehicle, this time transporting four small children, all under the age of five. “Derek Gotchie, of Burnsville, used a car left behind by the suspect, which was subsequently confirmed to be stolen, to track down his vehicle, which still had his four children sitting in the backseat,” Minneapolis police said. The culprit escaped after the father rammed his vehicle.”

How Minnesota Dad Saved 4 Children?

Derek Gotchie discovered the suspect’s stolen and abandoned van was still running. He decided to confront and pursue the suspect. “I didn’t know what to do,” he admitted. “I’m leaping in and going after my kids.” The chase stopped abruptly. Derek Gotchie apprehended the man on Penn and Plymouth Avenues, a few streets away. He went on to say that the suspect stopped to let a car pass, and the father took advantage of the opportunity as soon as he got back on the road. Derek Gotchie explained, “I just hit the back of my truck and pushed him into an alleyway to pin him.” It is effective. The vehicle halted when the suspect slowly rear-ended the automobile, got out, and left, leaving the children behind.

Investigation Begins:

During the pursuit, the Gotchies’ little kid allegedly urged the suspect to slow down. Deanah Gotchie ultimately arrived at the scene, and the police informed her of what had happened. “Did you find them?” I inquired of the officer. “Your spouse did,” he replied. “What are you talking about? What my spouse did?” Deanah Gotchie asked. “I arrived, and after hearing the story, I’m not surprised at all.” ‘Yup, it sounds like my spouse,’ I think. According to authorities, the man jumped out of the automobile and fled on foot. According to the police, no arrests have been reported. There were no reported injuries. MPD is now investigating the incident.

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