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Tanner Horner, Famous FedEx Driver, Confessing Murder of the 7-year old

Tanner Horner

Tanner Horner has been a famous FedEx driver and a very famous personality throughout his entire life, but recently whatever he has done has taken his entire film from a positive manner to just a negative extent as it has been revealed that recently he kidnapped a 7-year-old girl name. He murdered the girl within 30 minutes of the kidnapping before the investigating officers could find the murderer. Recently, he confessed to killing the girl as he confessed on the 30th of November 2022, within a few days after the dead body of the girl was revealed. The investigating officers had a suspect in the truck driver, but before they could be made any particular arrest, he accepted his fault in front of the officers.

Tanner Horner Murder

Murder by Tanner Horner

Tanner Horner was a truck driver, and as he dropped a package in front of the house of the seven-year-old girl Athena, he saw that the girl was alone. He directly kidnaps the girl without any particular reason, and after kidnapping the girl within one hour of the kidnapping, he brutally murders the girl. The investigating officers identified the girl’s dead body two days after the murder. Later on, on the 30th of November 2022, he directly accepted and confessed the details of the murder in front of the investigating officers before them having any particular details about him. The exact reason for the murder is also not revealed as there needs to be proper details about the murder dubbing discussed with him.

Who is Tanner Horner

Who exactly is Tanner Horner?

Tanner Horner is just a normal individual like any other guy in Texas, as he was a truck driver and worked for the company of FedEx for a very long time. He was working as a truck driver and used to drop packages of the companies to the locality of Texas. During his entire life as a truck driver, he got always praised for his polite behaviour, which he had but certainly did not have any bad effect on his entire career. After he directly confessed to his crimes in front of the police officers, he was also taken for a medical examination related to the details of the murder, and the medical hospital also stated that he might have some mental illness and mental problems that were the reason for which he did whatever had happened.

investigation Tanner Horner

Details related to the investigation of the murder by Tanner Horner

The girl Athena was directly kidnapped on the 25th of November 2022 and murdered on that particular day itself. Still, the investigating officers found the dead body nearly 10 miles away from the location from which she was kidnapped. The dead body was also recovered after two days. It was in a very brutal condition, and murdering a seven-year-old kid like that was something a mental person could have done. The investigating officers will not receive any clues related to the murder; they were devastated about whatever was happening in the entire area. Suddenly, the confession of the murder was made to the police officers, who created the investigation very easy.

Important Details

Other Important Details

Tanner Horner c and also had a proper investigation done to prove that he has been the murderer as there might be a certain situation in which might be lying to the investigating officers to save someone. As it has been a confession of the murder, there won’t be any particular detailed trial taken to know whatever has happened. Still, the investigating officers will directly know from him the exact reason for which she murdered the girl, and they will be certain actions taken against him. Still, as he has conference the crime, fewer charges will be against him.

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