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Omar Trujillo At The Age of 44, Cause Of Death Explained

Omar Trujilo died at 44
Image Source: MILENIO

Omar Trujillo, the legend of Monarcas Morelia passed away on Thursday, December 1 at the age of 44. Mexico Soccer fans are mourning the loss of their favorite player. The player’s sudden demise has shocked the Soccer community in Mexico. The reason for his demise is Myocardial infarction. The death news is confirmed by his former teammate and journalist, Moises Munoz on social media. Munoz in his post said Trujillo as a great friend and a fabulous player was deeply missed by his loved one and the football community has lost a truly talented player. However, Munoz in his statement did not reveal the cause of death.

What Was His Cause Of Death

Omar Trujilo died at 44

Image Source: You tube

The player’s untimely demise has led to shocking Mexico’s Soccer Community. As per the information from different sources Omar’s death was caused due to massive heart attack. According to Quadrant, Trujilo while playing soccer with his buddies, he then immediately taken to the hospital but was found dead. Trujillo died in his birthplace Michoacan.

Tributes Paid To Him

Robert Hernandez Ayala, a soccer coach paid tribute to him saying-“I sincerely grieve the sensitive death of dear Omar Trujillo, a superb person, and a terrific athlete. I send my sympathies to his family and the Monarch supporters.

Spicy Football on December 2 wrote -“Omar Trujillo, who was captain of Monarcas for several years, was 44 years old.

He lifted a title with Morelia in 2000.


Who Was Trujillo? Lesser Known Facts About The Legendary Player

Omar Trujilo died at 44

Image Source: MILENIO

Omar Trujillo was born in 1977 in Michoacan and began his career playing for the local teams in his native place. He was then recruited by Monarcas Morelia in 1998. The Mexican football defender was a key player to win the Mexican first-division championship. Trujillo, until 2003 continued to play for Morelia and then was sold to Cruz Azul where he played for two years. He then again returned to Morelia and played until his retirement in 2009. After taking retirement the soccer player entered politics and was working as a councilor for the Morelia government. Trujillo as a person is respected by everyone wherever he goes. He was known for his skills in the game and inspired young players.

Net Worth of Omar Trujilo At The Time Of His Death

Trujillo is considered among the most popular football players as well as one of the wealthiest players of all time. Trujillo in his entire life apart from earning a million dollars worth has earned immense respect which is beyond calculation. As per the records from different analyses his net worth is estimated to be $ 1.5 million.

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