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Annie Downing Goderwis, Where is Ex-friend of Casey Anthony?

Annie Downing Goderwis

Annie Downing Goderwis was a very close friend of Casey Anthony. During the situation where Casey claimed that Caylee had been missing for over a month, the investigation of the entire thing began. Still, it was revealed through the investigation that is why the investigation was started after one month and why the report of the disappearance was made after one month. Annie directly gives an interview that the entire killing details were not out, and she was also provided with important details towards her friend. She is currently living in Florida, working as an accountant territory manager, and doing well for herself. There are a lot of important details about the entire incident that still need to be discussed to know what exactly happened in that situation.

Annie Downing Goderwis Where is She

Annie Downing Goderwis Where is she now?

Annie Downing Goderwis directly provided testimony towards her friend. Also, they stated that the missing details about her friend’s daughter were nothing related to her mother, and she could have never done anything bad with her daughter. She is presently living in Florida and is working as a territory accountant manager through a supply network. She has a very happy life and is also one of the most vocal supporters of a friend. Both of them have been very good friends of each other and have created a proper impact through the friendship, and that has been something that has created a direct memory of their friendship that has been a very important thing for them.

Annie Downing Goderwis Who is She

Who exactly is Annie Downing Goderwis?

Annie Downing Goderwis was a very good friend and close friend of Casey Anthony. During the situation in which their daughter of Anthony got disappeared, the report was made to the police after one month in that situation. An investigation was taken place into Anthony himself as the police officers respected her very much as we will the details about the disappearance after one month in that situation Annie was the one who directly supported her friend and also claimed that she could not have done anything to her daughter as she always had seen that both of them will close and she loved daughter. In that situation, she was always with her friend no matter what happened and provided proper details about the disappearance to the police.

Casey Anthony

Details of Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony was directly investigated and charged through the report that she made towards the disappearance of her daughter. The investigating officers directly charged her as she reported the details of the disappearance after one month. So the investigators thought that she was the major reason for the overall disappearance and started looking forward to what happened in that scenario and wanted to create a proper investigation. Through the help of her friend, she was directly proclaimed innocent, and there was no other detail available about that as the investigation has been informed of a show she has received recognition for whatever she proclaimed in that situation and stayed strong.

Casey Anthony and Annie Downing Goderwis

Important details about both Annie Downing Goderwis and Casey Anthony

Annie Downing Goderwis and Casey Anthony both have been childhood friends together. Throughout their entire friendship, they have been very strong as they have been very close friends of each other they have created a proper impact on life. As their friendship in the situation where the daughter of Anthony disappeared was tested very hard, the test was going very well, and Annie directly testified to her friend and helped her gain the proper innocence she deserved. Presently friendship is also on the difference between the distance of the staying areas of the individuals has changed.  Annie directly supports Casey. Caylee’s Death was an investigation that the police did to a great extent and required a lot of further investigation.

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